Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A little kindness.

Sometimes a little kindness does wonders. 

I feel like shit; filled with fear and dread about my upcoming scan and exhausted beyond belief, but whilst walking through town earlier I stopped to talk to a Big Issue seller.  The reason I stopped was to pet his cute dog, but as it would've been rude to say nothing to him, I struck up a conversation.  I talked to him for a bit and learnt that he'd had the dog's parents and grandparents before him too and that the woof's name was Eeyore.  He was the only pup who survived from the litter.  I didn't want a copy of the magazine he was selling and I'm very strapped for cash, but he seemed like a nice man in a hard situation so I gave him a couple of pounds.  He was so thankful and our eyes met in a mutual exchange of smiles.  It clearly meant a lot to him that someone had stopped and shown an interest - had spoken to him like another human, instead of an inconvenience.  We'd done each other a service really, because Eeyore's excited snuffles and leaning against my legs, searching out my hand for another fuss, lifted my mood greatly.  Animals have a way of doing that.  

It's moments like those that make me feel alive and when facing something like cancer, which is so inextricably associated with death, those moments mean the world.  He had no idea of my story and what I'm going through, nor I his, but just a few kind moments between strangers made a lasting memory.  

If such small gestures can make such an impact, imagine what we could all achieve with a little kindness.

I told them both to take care of themselves and walked on down the road, with tears in my eyes. 


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