Saturday, 22 February 2014


Meow!  Soldier here.  My mummy hasn't been posting nearly enough pictures of me and I am the Tiny Grey Cat after all, so today I'm taking over the blog and sorting this dire situation out.

Here I am on some outside adventures.  There is so much to look at and smell and chase and scratch the crap out of, that sometimes I space out a bit.

I'm super helpful and love to lend a paw to my mum, with all kinds of tasks.  Here I am being an alarm clock, helping to pack and advising on pumpkin carving.

I'm an only child, but I'm super friendly and like to meet new kitties.  This is my best buddy from my old neighbourhood.  I sure do miss him.  He would come to call for me and sometimes he'd take me back to his house for tea.  

And this is some guy who's always on the wall outside my house.  I don't think he's a kitty and he never has anything to say.  So I just sit with him for a while, to keep him company.

I often get told that I'm super duper handsome and I think I have to agree.

All my adventuring and awesomeness is hard work, so I like nothing better than cuddles and snoozing, to prepare to do it all over again.  When you're this dandy, every day is Caturday!

Hope you enjoyed my first post - typing on these silly little keys is pretty difficult with my paws, but now I've figured it out, I'll sneak back another time with more photos of me!

Until next time, Happy Caturday!  

Purrrrrrr, *head bop*.

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  1. Love it!!! I really love the photo where he's starring at the dandelion! Such a cutey!

    1. Thanks! I love that pic too - his expression cracks me up! Funny little muffin! Have a great Caturday :) x

  2. Oh Soldier you are so cute and pretty! Thanks for sharing this post... I love reading about you!

    1. Thanks, Ciel! Will definitely do more regular posts about him! Soldier has a new admirer - a neighbourhood kitty keeps following him around and meowing outside our house! xo


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