Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday Favourites - #1

It's Friday, y'all!  The weekend is finally here and what better way to kick things off than a spot of shopping.  Except I am totally skint (cancer can have a huge financial impact), so I'll be over here window shopping, booo!

Here are the things I've been lusting over this week.  I've even included a link to each, so you can buy them and I'll just live vicariously through your purchases, *sniff*.

I LOVE stationery, especially notebooks.  If you follow me on Twitter (link in the sidebar!) then you'll know I (and my credit card) narrowly avoided a huge stationery binge earlier this week.  This triangle print notebook is one of the items I was clutching around the shop, but reluctantly put back on the shelf.  Woe is me!

Triangle notebook - Paperchase

We already know that I love a good mug and I want to be drinking my tea from this beauty.

Arboretum mug, in coral - Anthropologie

My love of leopard print is well known.  I don't even wear a dressing gown, but I would if I owned this bad boy.

Leopard print robe - H&M

A lover of all things nautical, this mermaid salt and pepper shaker set is right up my, er, galley! 

Mermaid salt & pepper set - Modcloth

I am so in love with everything over at Bloody Mary Metal.  I've been swooning over several pieces for ages now and top of my list is this ring.
Lonely Bone ring - Bloody Mary Metal

I'm not lucky enough to have my own home office/studio, but I am in the process of figuring out which corner of the house I can claim as my little workshop.  My stationery addiction will get its chance to shine when it comes to deck it out and I have my beady eye on these pretty, stackable desk trays.  (I can't find them on the site now - I hope they still have them, waaah!)

Floral desk trays - Paperchase

Forever in search of the perfect black bag (must be faux leather but durable and well made, silver NOT gold hardware, zip closure, not too stiff or structured, fit lots in it but not be too big or too small, easy to open and close with one hand...the list goes on!), this one from vegan friendly company Matt&Nat might just be it.  Yes please!

Malone bag, in black - Matt&Nat

And finally, how rad is this dino plate?!  I love to have a mismatched collection of different plates, so a couple of these would fit in with mine just grand.

Dinosaur plate - H&M

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe if you're in the midst of these horrendous storms!


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  1. AMAZING finds - I love that mermaid! That's cool!!! Joining you in the skint club - seeing beautiful things like this does make me miss shopping a teeny weeny bit! x

    1. I was very naughty - I sold my crosstrainer on Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon I'd bought a couple of things from this list! :O Fail! xx


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