Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday Favourites - #3

I have had a serious battle of willpower this week, whilst researching my Friday Favourites.  So many pretties, so little monies.  Le sigh.  Here's some of what I've been adding to my online shopping basket (and miserably deleting half an hour later) this week...

First up, I'm still dreaming of my own home studio/office and I'm swooning over this desk in mint green.

Stroller desk - Made

Every workspace needs some organisation and this desk tidy is just perfect.

Wooden It Be Lovely organiser - Modcloth

And of course I'd need a sharpener, to keep all my pencils good and pointy.  This one will do nicely, thanks!

Sharp Image pencil sharpener - Modcloth

Whilst I'm working away in my dream studio, I'd need some tea to keep me going.  Even better, a supercute fox flask full of tea.

Rusty Fox flask - DotCom Gift Shop

I'd totter around my home office in these beautiful shoes, pretending I was a character in Mad Men.

Conversation Arts heels - Modcloth

And paint my nails this rad colour, whilst having a tea break.

Nail varnish in Harsh - Illamasqua

Obviously, Soldier would have a little cosy spot to curl up and 'help'.  I'd show off my Crazy Cat Lady status to, um, myself, by wearing these awesome brooches, which have been on my wishlist for a while now.

Cat Lady brooches - Thora Ford

Finally, I'd slip into some slightly more comfortable footwear, for the long walk home to the sofa.  I have these in the hi-top version, but these lo-top leopard print Chucks are calling my name.  It'd be rude not to answer...right?!

Leopard print Converse All Stars - Office

Have you succumbed to the shopping sirens this week?  Or are you lusting after anything particular?  I'd love to know what's on your wishlist.


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