Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What I Wore - Faux fur and studs

Here's what I wore on Saturday whilst out and about doing weekendy things.  We went to a local farm shop café for brunch and saw some teeny tiny piglets!  It was SO cold out and even in my (faux) furry coat I was still freezing! 

Please excuse my awkward poses and terrible photos - I'm still getting used to doing outfit shots and with a lack of a decent camera, I'm stuck using a phone cam for now!

Leopard print coat - ebay (originally Primark), stripy scarf - H&M (old), studded bag - Primark, skirt - thrifted, boots - Target, knitted headband - gift, bow brooch - vintage.

I'm all about wrapping up warm in layers of cosy knits, chunky boots and different patterns.  I like to add little extra touches, such as the brooch on my headband, to keep things interesting.  I also loved how the headband matched my blue hair.

Hope you're all having a good week so far - half way through! 


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  1. Hello, what a lovely new blog this is!! Followed you on bloglovin already :)


    1. Oh, thank you! It's very early days for my blog, so nice to have you onboard. I have followed you on Bloglovin too :) xxx

  2. You look amazing and love the headband on you!

    1. Thanks, sweetheart! I love the headband, especially as it matches my hair! And it keeps my ears warm in this chilly weather :) A great choice on your part! xx


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