Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Favourites - #6

I've had a busy, stressful week and suddenly realised yesterday that I hadn't done any research or prep for this week's Friday Favourites, eep! I'd done no online window shopping this week?! Quelle horreur!

I soon rectified that - with a quick whizz around some sites, I curated these nuggets of awesome for you...

A planetarium for the home?! Uh, yes please!

Star Theatre Planetarium - Firebox

I have a thing for napkins and napkin holders - it must be my love of American diners. This sail boat napkin holder is such a cute idea.

Napkin holder - Sourpuss

I love Pusheen and basically want everything from the online store. But let's start with this adorable notepad and sticker set, because stationery rules my life.

Pusheen notepad - Hey Chickadee

Pusheen unicorn stickers - Hey Chickadee

I don't even own an iPad mini, but I desperately want one, mostly so I can buy this bluetooth keyboard case, which transforms the iPad into a miniature portable computer! It's a shame the coloured versions aren't pastel - I'd totally snap one up in pastel pink or baby blue, but white would do just fine.

iPad mini keyboard case - ebay

With spring around the corner and hopefully some warmer weather with it, I'm planning many more seaside trips. I'd feel pretty badass sitting on this towel on the beach.

Conjoined skeleton towel - Sourpuss

I'm also on the lookout for a new bikini or swimsuit. I love vintage designs and have been wanting a retro style suit for ages. I couldn't decide between this gorgeous leopard print number and this cheeky polka dot piece. I'll take both!

Wild cat swimsuit - Bettylicious 

Red polka dot swimsuit - Bettylicious

I love tea and I love manatees, so of course I love the manatea infuser! How cute would this guy look, peeping over the edge of a mug?

Manatea infuser - Amazon

Always on the hunt for the perfect bag, I've heard good things about this vegan tote from Free People. I'd love this beauty on my arm - definitely on my wishlist.

Slouchy vegan tote (black) - Free People

And finally, I am all about these! Leopard print? Rollerskates? Pink? Oh, hell yes! Super rad.

Ivy Jungle rollerskates - Moxi
Similar at Urban Outfitters

What's on your wishlist at the moment? As always, I'd love to know.


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  1. GUH. That planetarium is out of this world! haha Get it? :P
    But really, imagine laying in bed looking up at that?! Or even in a babies room. Magical.
    A little out of the price range right now but I am sooo putting that on a wishlist haha.

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Haha! I know, right? It would be so magical lying under the stars in the comfort of bed! ;) Definitely one for the 'when I have some money' list x


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