Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday Favourites - #7

After seven weeks of Friday Favourites, I think I've done remarkably well to have only bought a couple of things from my lists. My spree in Primark earlier in the week kinda cancels that out though, but ssshhhh, we'll pretend that didn't happen, okay? Okay. 

A mixed collection this week - a lucky dip of surprises, all rad and all of which I need in my life. Let's get started!

Why is it so hard to find a good wallet? I mean, really, it shouldn't be such a mission: impossible. This one is ticking all the boxes, so I'ma have to go in store and investigate it up close.

Leopard print purse - Accessorize

These little macaron trinket boxes are so dainty and look good enough to eat. I'd have to have the whole box for maximum effect, obviously.

Macaron trinket boxes - Not on the Highstreet

How cute is this dog lamp?! I wouldn't be able to resist giving him a little pat on the head every time I passed him.

Stanley dog lamp - Cath Kidston

Just what on earth happens to socks? The laundry monsters must be having a good ol' munch, because both the boy and I suddenly seem to have very few wearable pairs. These beauties would be most welcome on my tootsies. Plus, they are currently three pairs for £8.

Anchor, cherry and Parisian kitty socks - Accessorize

Speaking of gremlins, my microwave is either haunted, or on its last legs; sometimes the plate starts turning. On its own. Whilst the door is open. Eek! This retro contraption would be an awesome replacement and matches my d├ęcor perfectly.

Red retro microwave - Amazon

Every girl needs a biker jacket and I'm lusting after this one.

Biker jacket - H&M

Oh my goodness, this personal library kit speaks to me on so many geeky levels, I can't even.

Check me out library kit - Modcloth

This weekend bag is a lovely mix of simple chic and nautical stripes. Perfect for hopping on one's yacht in the French Riviera, mais oui? Or for chucking in the car and going camping if your budget is anything like mine.

Striped holdall - Accessorize

And finally. Oh lawd, this thing is breaking my heart. I saw him whilst in Cath Kidston the other day and had to leave him there. I honestly could've cried. I don't know why, but I've always felt the need to 'rescue' poor abandoned stuffed animals (blatantly a reaction to not being allowed to rescue all the real animals) and I properly get a pang in my chest when I see one with a supercute face. Now this one is not abandoned in a charity shop and is brand new - hats off to the CK designers, who have created the most perfect vintage-looking little stuffed dog I've ever seen. The neckerchief. The scruffy fur. That sweet face. Dang it, I'm a grown up, it's a stuffed dog, it's really expensive, but I simply must have it.

Stanley stuffed toy - Cath Kidston

So y'all think I'm batshit crazy now, right?!  Ah well, I can only hide it for so long.

What do you think of this week's Friday Favourites? As always, I love to read your comments. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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