Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hello, Sunshine!

What a lovely weekend. Filled with sunshine, cute animals, delicious food and my favourites, just as every weekend should be. 

I had an appointment with my oncologist last week, to get the results of my CT scan - it was clear. I can't tell you how relieved I am. My mammogram in November was clear, but it's all the other bits of my body - all the bits you can't see or feel and that you really can't live without - that I've been worried about. So to know that right now there is no evidence of disease anywhere...gladness. By no means is it a guarantee that the cancer won't come back - it still might - but I am encouraged that after nearly a year and a half there is no sign of it. 

For the first time in I don't know how long, I felt a little of my carefree spirit creeping back. There are times when I wonder if I'll ever feel like the 'old me' again, but more and more lately I've been finding little bits of her and, pieced together with the 'new me', I think she'll be even better.

On Saturday we visited my boyfriend's mum and stepdad for afternoon tea. His mum bakes for a living, so I always know the food when we visit will be incredible. And she didn't disappoint. We ate gently spiced carrot, cauliflower and onion bhajis, with mango chutney and sweet chilli dipping sauce, followed by two types of cake - a light orange sponge and a date and walnut cake. All accompanied by plenty of tea, of course! It was so delicious that I forgot to take any pictures.

Two little long-tailed tits have made our garden their home, yay! However, because it's nest building/breeding time, they are very territorial and keep attacking their reflections in the windows. Silly birdies! We're trying a few things to hopefully stop them - I'd hate for them to hurt themselves.

On Sunday we were up fairly early and went into town for breakfast at our favourite cafe. They do the absolute BEST vegetarian breakfast I've ever had. After a little stroll around the shops to pick up some bits and bobs, we headed to the city farm again, in hope of catching a glimpse of the piglets we missed last week. They certainly made up for it this time! Squeee!

When we got home we took the picnic blanket and some cushions outside and just sat in the sun and read for a while, with Soldier joining us. Perfect!

Signs of spring

Sweaty gym goth selfie

Territorial birds

Length check! Straightened my hair -
felt weird! Love my chemo curls!

New pencil sharpener - best ever!

Breakfast feast before...

...and after

Easy like Sunday morning

PIGGIES! Two of the many piglets


Begging for treats

Soldier snuggles

How was your weekend? I hope it was just as wonderful - tell me about the best bits in the comments below!


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  1. After a couple of hard weeks during which my father passed away from cancer it is actually very uplifting reading that you have beaten it and how you are getting on with, and enjoying life. My Dad was 83 and, while losing him was really hard, I like to imagine there is some kind cosmic balance. Perhaps giving his life at the end of a decent time full of amazing experiences and touching so many family and friends, has somehow allowed young people like yourself to go on and do all those things too. That seems fair.

    1. Hi Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Losing a loved one is never easy, no matter what age. I'm so glad he had a long and good life. I really hope I get to have the same privilege. Cancer is pure evil and doesn't care who it touches. The shock of realising just how vulnerable we are has definitely made me want to live as happily as I can, otherwise the cancer has won in a different way. So many are denied the chance to live well - I feel honoured to be here, for however long, and will keep trying to enjoy it. Thanks very much for your comment - it really touched me. My sympathies and love to all those grieving the loss of your father.

  2. I had a lovely weekend that was full of friends, beer, food and sunshine. Your photos are beautiful. I do love gym goths.

    Jx Feeling Stylish

    1. Sounds wonderful! And thank you - I'm only using my iphone for pics at the mo, so I'm glad they look OK! :) x

  3. Congratulations on the all clear! Your cat is beautiful!

    1. Thank you, although unfortunately there is no such thing as the 'all clear'. My recent scan didn't show anything obvious, but that's only what's happening right NOW - I could get sick again at any time. There's always the possibility of recurrence with cancer, which is what a lot of people don't seem to realise.
      Oh and thank you - Soldier will be very pleased to know he's getting some love! x

  4. Awww those little piggies are adorable!!! Loving your blog by the way :)

    Hayley x


    1. Ahhh, thanks! That means a lot - I like to know people are reading and enjoying the blog, instead of feeling like I'm talking to myself! :) x


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