Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Life lately

Hey tiny grey kittens,

After my post about blogger honesty, it's been a bit quiet around here on the personal post front. So I thought I'd do a quick catch up on what I've been up to and what's been happening.

As explained in aforementioned post, I had a CT scan a couple of weeks back. I haven't had the results yet, but I see my oncologist on 12th March and will discover my fate then. In the meantime, I had a pelvic ultrasound last week (another day, another scan) due to some pain I've been experiencing for a while. The outcome of that particular exploration of my innards was the discovery of a cyst on my left ovary. Joy. My periods totally stopped during chemo and came back about six or seven months ago. Lately I've been having problems with them, which they think is probably due to this lovely cyst. The approach is to watch and wait, which I'm not too happy about given my medical history. The thought of some abnormal lump being left in my body is freaking me out, even though I've been assured they don't think it's anything of concern. Easy for them to say! I'll be scanned again in about six to eight weeks, to see if it's resolving itself. If not then they may surgically remove it. As much as another surgery would suck, I kinda wish they'd just whip it out right now. I'll also be having a blood test to check what my hormone levels are doing. 

Jeez, I have had so many medical procedures over the last couple of years, maybe I should do a little guide to each, so others know what to expect?!

In other news, Soldier has got himself a BFF/stalker. A black cat with a white tail tip randomly appeared a couple of weeks ago and seems to have fallen in love with my tiny grey cat. He comes to our house several times a day and meows outside as if his heart is breaking, then waits patiently until Soldier decides to go out. And he will wait hours. He then follows Soldier around like a shadow and can't bear to be separated from him. I really hope he isn't a stray - we're going to ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone knows where he lives. Everywhere I've lived, Soldier has ended up with at least one feline admirer. At my previous home, there were several kitties who would come to the front window, where Soldier would lay out (the tart!) and they'd mew desperately for him. It's pretty funny! I mean, obviously I know he's awesome, but other cats seem to love him and want to be near him. I've never seen anything like it! The exception is the ginger cat who lives next door. He's sweet as anything to my boyfriend and me, but him and Soldier have had many a bust-up. His new BFF seems to be acting as a bodyguard though, as he hasn't troubled him in quite a while. Due to his wandering ways and warblings of love for Soldier, we've named the black kitty Troubadour. You can see him in a couple of the pics below. His huge chubby cheeks make me think he's a tom cat, which makes it even stranger how friendly he is to Soldier.

I'm hoping to go to my first pilates class today, which I've wanted to do for absolutely ages. I'm lucky enough to have a free gym pass for twelve weeks, to help my recovery, so I'll be trying lots of new activities. Definitely needed after all the pancakes I ate last night!

Anyway, here are some snaps from recent happenings...

Beautiful snail mail from a lovely friend.
(My given name is Layla, but I'm known by Lily to close family and friends)
Soldier's a fan of my cute sticky notes.
However, he is NOT a fan of Mondays.
Yummy snacks.
This is Periwinkle, my needle felted hawk.
Awesome stitch book I picked up for 50p!
Yummy homemade vegan cupcakes.
New treats.
Troubadour looking formidable.
Soldier and his shadow.

Hope all is well in your world!


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  1. Fingers crossed for positive news for you :) your cats name are awesome by the way! and for a minute a thought that hawk had been stuffed..lovely post.I wish you a speedy recovery xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Kim! I know right - the hawk is so well done. I need to learn how to needle felt! Hope you have a wonderful day xx


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