Monday, 3 March 2014

Mugshot Monday #5 - Granny Wobbly

Hello lovelies. Hope you all had a great weekend? Let's take a look at my mug of choice for this week.

To be classed as vintage, an item has to be twenty or more years old. According to those rules, this mug isn't yet vintage, but I bought it about eleven years ago, on a trip to Cornwall, so it's done pretty well. Granny Wobbly's was (is? I don't know if it's still there or not) a cute little fudge shop in the village of Tintagel. I bought some vanilla fudge as well as this mug and it was deeelicious. 

I love the sweet retro design and pastel pink colour. You know what else I love? The handle shape. It's really ergonomic and makes it so much easier to hold than a regular curved handle.

Really hope that I can go back to Cornwall soon and pay a visit to Granny Wobbly's, if it's still there.

Hope Monday is treating y'all well!


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