Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunshine and seaside

It's been a long time coming, but this past weekend we finally had a glimpse of spring. The sun shone, the sky was blue and with those rays beaming directly onto skin; it almost felt warm.

The storms and torrential rain of the last couple of months have made it feel like I've been stuck inside the house for an eternity. I decided to take full advantage of the rare good stuff and spent almost all weekend outside.

Saturday saw a trip to the city farm. I love going there - it's free, quiet and I get to hang out with animals. There were some piglets, but they were snuggled up inside with mum so I didn't get to see them. Hopefully next time. My favourites are the pygmy goats. They're so funny and sweet and such characters. There's a little young one who was jumping about and playing on the various climbing activities they have to keep them entertained. I went prepared with a bag of chopped up apples and between three of the goats, they devoured the lot.

The cutest baby goat smile I ever did see.

Lately I've had a stronger-than-ususal longing to be by the sea. It's about a two hour drive from where I live to get to a decent beach and if you saw my car, you'd understand why I don't get to go very often. My yearning for salty sea air has been growing ever greater over the past few weeks, so with a good weather forecast I decided to take my chances with the car and head out for a daytrip.

Seaton on the south east Devon coast was the destination, so with a picnic packed and essential roadtrip sweeties in hand, off we went. 

The beach was pretty quiet and as it's pebbles, not sand, there weren't a lot of children or families there. There were many dogs though, including the tiny little sweetie pup above. He was called Bertie and it took all my willpower not to tuck him under my arm and run off with him. Just look at that face. Oh my goodness, seriously. 

We wandered to each end of the beach - hard work on loose pebbles - and found lots of little treasures. I found my first two pieces of beach glass (glass that has been worn down by the waves to become smooth and stone-like). I found a tiny piece of green glass and a coin sized clear piece, which has wire reinforcement running through it. Pretty cool! I also collected some pretty coloured pebbles and a big stone which has Fool's Gold or something similarly glittery growing on it. 

I was determined to brave the water, so in I went for a paddle - twice. And it. was. COLD. I mean really ice cold. The waves felt like knives against my skin, but I didn't care - I was just so happy to be there.

I sat on the shingles for a while and just watched the waves roll in, creeping closer and closer then slowly receding. It's so calming to be lulled into a hypnotic state by the rhythmic heartbeat of the earth, breathing in time with the constant waves, not questioning it, just being. With everything I've been through and am still going through, it was exactly what I needed. To be reminded of something greater than us. That however self important we think we are, the world will keep spinning, the tide will still turn, the waves will keep rolling, long after we're gone.

I get my CT scan results tomorrow. Naturally, I'm terrified of what I may be told, but I'm trying to keep that heartbeat, the calming waves, inside me. In and out. In and out. Soft sea foam bubbling over my feet, the persistent will of the ocean doing what she's always done. I will persist. I will keep going. 


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  1. I really really love farms! I grew up in Norfolk and there's a lovely one that we used to go to every Easter weekend where you could ride on the back of a tractor to go and feed the deer and watch lambs being born. Now that I'm living in the North East I really miss it. I need to find myself another farm up here I can go and wander round! x

    1. That sounds lovely! I LOVE lambs! I can't wait until the fields are full of them springing around! Definitely have a look for somewhere to visit - animals make everything better :) x

  2. Ahh this is like my partner and I's perfect weekend and the stuff that we actually get up to!
    A lovely post and especially lovely that the sun came out down south as we've seen how bad you guys have had it lately :/

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Thanks! There has been so much damage in the south, especially south west. Luckily the area I live in has escaped the worst. I'm excited for more sunny weather and more daytrips :) x


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