Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Weekend Wanderings

After two gloriously sunny weekends in a row, I thought we were on a roll. How quickly I forgot the fickleness of British weather! This past weekend saw the unwelcome return of cold, rain, hail and wind. I hate windy weather. With an emblazoned passion. I can handle any other type of weather; freezing cold - bearable, torrential rain - no problem, just so long as the wind doesn't show up. I can't think of anything (bar animal cruelty) that makes me so instantly angry as the wind. If I set foot outside and my hair fringe gets blown about, I start swearing my head off, usually out loud, and go from placid to furious in 0.5 seconds flat. 

Anyway, weather aside, I had a lovely time on Saturday. It started off with hazelnut coffee and freshly baked pain au chocolat, followed by a trip to a vintage fair being held in town. Vintage fairs are so hit and miss these days. Since vintage has become so mainstream and 'trendy', it's becoming harder and harder to find decent things, especially at decent prices. I came away with a cute red purse though, so I was happy.

I'm going to a family wedding at the end of April and the dress code is 'colourful', i.e. my worst nightmare. I love a good pop of colour, but I'm not usually one to dress 'colourfully' - about 80% of my wardrobe is black. So I was on the lookout for a dress that matched the criteria and wasn't too Hyacinth Bucket

I saw this one from a distance and made a beeline for it. I absolutely loved the print, but when I tried it on, I couldn't help thinking that the shape of the dress made me look like a milkmaid. My boyfriend said it didn't, but I wasn't convinced. I'd love a circle skirt in this fabric - I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for one.

As I forlornly put the dress back on the rack, I spotted another that I hadn't seen in my haste to grab the skull print. Sweet, retro, polka dots, very Betty Draper-esque - it was love at first sight! I tried it on and was much happier with the style and fit. Hoorah! Now I just have to make sure I have shoes and a cardigan/jacket to wear with it.

After traipsing around all the stalls, we were in need of refreshment. Luckily the fair was just along the road from our favourite café, so we took a pit stop for a cup of tea and the most delicious vegan peanut blondie. Hot damn, I want another one right now!

I popped into a cute crafty shop called The Makery, as it was the last day before they move to a new, bigger premises. They were giving away free goodie bags with every purchase, so I treated myself to a few pretty washi tapes. Look how cute the goodie bag is! I will definitely use everything in it.

We had seen on Twitter that Greyhound Rescue were fundraising at the pet shop and had some of their dogs with them. Unable to resist petting any animal, we strolled along to say hello and donate some money. This is Finn, the sweetest, most adorable three-legged lurcher. He leaned against me and tried to climb on my lap for a cuddle. I completely fell in love with him. If he didn't already have a loving owner, I would've taken him then and there.

By this time I was p-r-e-t-t-y tired, so it was homeward bound. Soldier's being fussy about his food at the moment, so we bought him some Lily's Kitchen as a treat. I think he was excited...

The rest of the weekend consisted of Netflix, snoozing, eating and sofa snuggles with Soldier - most excellent.

What did you do on the weekend? Hope it was fun-filled and non-windy!


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  1. Love the dress you picked! So pretty.

  2. Awwww I love cats and your is so cute! Now following xxx


    1. Cats are the best! I'm a total crazy cat lady :D I will pass on your compliment to Soldier - he loves to hear how beautiful he is! xo

  3. Really want your My Little Pony mug!

    The dress is gorgeous, fantastic choice x

    1. The mug is one of my favourites <3 I'm so happy with the dress, can't wait to wear and style it now! xo

  4. I love that polka dot dress. Polka dots are always my favourite print and they're so timeless. It's such a lovely shape too. Your my little pony cup is adorable. I need one! I hate wind too. I'm a primary school teacher (currently on maternity leave) and wind really sends the children hyper! Having naturally curly hair I hate rain too though. X

    1. Definitely - you can't go wrong with polka dots! So glad to find a fellow wind-hater! I also have naturally curly hair, but luckily (at the moment anyway) the rain seems to help my curls bounce back if they're getting a bit flat! xo


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