Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What I Wore - Sailors and skeletons

I loved taking outfit pics outside last week, but this past weekend the cold and wind forced me back inside, booo.

Here's what I wore to a vintage fair and little trundle around town on Saturday.

I love clothes that have their own accessories, like this sleeveless blouse with pussybow neck tie. And the anchor print? Be still my heart! It's pretty much the perfect blouse.

I'm a big fan of brooches - jewellery for your clothes instead of your body. I wanted to wear something that would accent the white ribbon and trim of the blouse, but as I don't have any white brooches I improvised with these skeleton hand hair clips.

Of course I wore my staples of black and leopard print, keeping it comfy with a stretchy tube skirt. I paired the outfit with simple black brogues (which are so comfy) and wore some striped socks to tie in with the nautical blouse, pulled up so they were on full display.

I feel naked without some kind of adornment on my head/hair and on this occasion went with a couple of my trusty flowers, to add a pop of colour.

Leopard print cardigan - H&M (old), Anchor sleeveless blouse - Primark, Black tube skirt - H&M, Leggings - Asda, Brogues - TK Maxx, Skeleton hair clips - ebay, flowers, belt and socks - old.

Guys! Look how much my hair has grown since my first What I Wore post in September! Seeing the progress makes me so happy! 


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  1. your accessories are so pretty! I've never really wore a brooch before and I don't particularly know where to get some where Im from, but I recently bought a bunch of hairclips that I may be able to wear as a brooch---what I'm uneloquently trying to say is that, hairclips as brooches are a very good idea!

    I love how the "masculinity" of skeletons and the anchors contrast with the femininity of flowers in your hair (not to mention the fierceness of the animal print!)


    1. Thank you! I'm a big fan of brooches - take a look on Etsy and ebay for loads of cute and quirky ones! I love multi-purposing things, so definitely give the hairclips a whirl :)
      I'm all about mixing up tough and soft, so I'm glad that comes across. Let me know how you get on using your hairclips as brooches! x

  2. This is such a cute outfit! I love how all of prints clash but in a complementary way :) You've inspired me to try and be more brave with my style choices.xx


    1. Thanks, lovely! Yay, I'm glad to hear that! I feel that we should all have fun with our clothes and there are very few things/colours/patterns that don't work well together with a bit of thought and the right attitude. Mix it up! I'll look forward to seeing your creations! xx

  3. I love your creativity and thinking outside the box! And yes for pretty brooches!


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