Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Weekend

WARNING: Long post alert! With four days to cover, this post is rather photo heavy!

Four day weekends are just the best. I wish every one could be as long. Luckily, us Brits are heading into the wonderful weeks of spring where there seems to be a bank holiday every other week, so at least we have several three day weekends coming up.

I had a really lovely Easter weekend, full of fun, food and frolics. On Friday Hannes and I visited our friends Siobhan and Richie, and their gorgeous children. I hadn't seen them for a few weeks, so we had a catch up, ate burgers with salad and I gave the kiddies an easter egg each - My Little Pony for Erin, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Rory. Bless little Rory - Jake is one of his favourite TV shows and when he saw the box he was so excited and happy. I almost did a cry. Needless to say, I think they enjoyed the chocolate.

I had a go at dying some eggs. They didn't turn out how they were supposed to, but I guess they still look kinda cool.

I had plans fairly early (for me) on Saturday morning, so my alarm went off, I dragged myself out of bed and managed to get ready on time for once. Soldier had brought in a fledgling bird whilst I was getting ready, but as it was already dead, we left him to it and he ate it. Lush. Then, just as I was almost ready to leave, he brought in another. This one was very much not dead. Hannes managed to get it away from Soldier, who was promptly shut out of the room and we examined the birdie for injury. There was no blood that we could see and after calming down he tried to fly around the kitchen. Knowing both wings were okay was a relief. After cooing over him for a while and trying to figure out what on earth to do with him, I had to rush off and leave Hannes to deal with it. A couple of hours later the RSPCA came to collect the fledgling and they were confident that he'd be fine and could be released back to the wild in the near future. Hurrah! Oh and, apparently it's a baby robin.

Would you just look at that face!
I felt like Belle in Beauty & the Beast at
this moment!

After panicking that I was going to be late, I actually arrived in town bang on time to meet my friend, Lisa. We met through Twitter and have been following each other for a couple of years now. We share mutual online acquaintances who have become like my Twitter family - they all gave me so much support whilst I was sick and were always there to celebrate successes and boost me up when I felt rotten. It was such a treat to finally get to meet Lisa in person. I'm pretty shy and am usually super nervous about meeting people, but for some reason I wasn't at all this time. We chatted and giggled over tea and cake and had such a nice time. Oh and we unintentionally wore matching checked shirts - great minds! I hope it's the start of a long-lasting friendship and can't wait to meet up again soon.

I also popped in to see my tattooist friend, to book in for a little something the week before my birthday. Squee, I'm excited! I now have two tattoos booked in over the next few weeks.

On Easter Sunday we headed over to Hannes' mum's house for afternoon tea. His mum bakes for a living, so I always know the food is going to be incredible and this was no exception. Oh lawd! I ate little sandwiches stuffed with houmous and salad, and more with egg mayonnaise and cress. Then I had two (maybe three) slices of delicious spring vegetable fritatta and tiny rye bread bites topped with vegetarian paté. And then came the cake. Oh. my. god. I am not joking when I say it was the best cake I've ever had (and I've had a lot of cake in my time!). The bottom layer was sponge as light as air, topped with strawberries in jelly/jam stuff and chocolate ganache on top. When I first saw it, I must confess I was a little disappointed - I'm not usually a fan of fruit with cake, I'd rather have a slab of something decadent and chocolatey, smothered in far too much buttercream frosting. But this. THIS! I had four slices and took another four home! Damn, it was immense and I'm so sad that it's all gone. I'm hoping that another one gets made for my birthday next month...

Anyway, I was too busy stuffing my face to take any pictures of the food, but I did get some snaps of my lovely easter gift - a vintage Hornsea ceramic pot and a pretty floral china egg, which opens up on a hinge. I think I'm going to use the latter to keep some of my rings in. Instead of an easter egg I got these scrumptious Booja Booja truffles. Seriously, if you're vegan or dairy free, you need to try them. They are the best vegan chocolates I've found so far and Booja Booja use as few ingredients as possible, so no nasties in them. (P.S. Their ice cream is also incredible.)

After second (and third, and fourth...) helpings of food, we spent some time looking through lots of vintage postcards and other paper ephemera from a recent house clearance. I love these old cat themed paper dolls, which have never been cut out. I forget the artist's name and history, but I think he went mad and painted nothing but cats. Sounds like an alright kinda chap to me!

And of course I can't go anywhere without snuggling any kitties around. This is Merlin and he's very old - about twenty - but still such a sweetheart.

The final day of a super weekend was spent looking after Erin and Rory. Hannes and I were in charge of them all by ourselves, eek! We took them to Chew Valley Country Farm, where you may remember we went a few weeks back. We had such a great day - it was gloriously sunny, we saw goats, sheep, alpacas, donkeys, ponies, geese, ducks, chickens, wallabies, raccoons, maras, and more. There were loads of baby animals and after a good wander round and feeding some of the ducks, we had lunch in the playground. The kids had so much fun playing on the swings.

We headed back to ours and waited for Siobhan and Richie to get back from work. Whilst we waited, we put the picnic blanket in the garden and played hide-and-seek (Soldier mostly hid from an excited Rory!) and chased monsters around the trees. The kids also decided that Hannes makes an excellent horse.

It was such a good weekend and for once it didn't feel as though it went by too quickly. A very Happy Easter indeed.

I often get teary after such lovely days - because I spend so much time scared that I'm not going to have a future or a life; that it will all be taken away from me too soon, and then I realise that this is it; this is life. I am living. Blink and you'll miss it.


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  1. What a lovely weekend :)

    I hope the baby Robin was OK and made it :) We had cats growing up and they were always bringing wildlife in :(

    The farm looks great, I love that kind of thing!


    1. That is the one downside of cats! Soldier isn't as bad as he used to be - when we lived in the countryside he would bring mice and voles back 3 or 4 times a day :( Thankfully it's a less frequent occurrence now! xo

  2. Such a lovely post :) It's great to see you so happy and sharing time with people you care about,that's the best part of long weekends.Old cats are the best! :) xx

    1. Thanks, lovely! It really was a great weekend. xx

  3. Aw that looks like a fab weekend just what bank holidays are all about family, fun, & food! Glad you managed to grab some pics & they are lovely, such a feel good post to read now I am back to work!
    Bee Happy and Healthy

    1. Thanks, Clare! We were so lucky to have such nice weather on a bank holiday, for once! x

  4. These postcards are gorgeous and Merlin looks like a darling. My cat reached 18 happy years, before he passed a couple of months ago. He was the best!

    1. 18 is a good age for a kitty! I hate that they have to eventually leave us :'( I'm sorry for your loss - losing our fluffy friends is so hard xo


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