Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Favourites - #10

Friday's here! Which can mean only one thing. Well, two things actually; the weekend is upon us! And I have a bunch of new favourites for your viewing pleasure.

I'm diggin' this skull plate with its Dia de Los Muertos and tattoo feel.

Skull plate - H&M

I really love writing (and receiving) letters, so I'm always on the lookout for cute writing sets - matching paper and envelopes are the best. This set comes with stickers too - bonus!

Budgies writing set - Cath Kidston

Love these popcorn earrings!

Popcorn studs - Collectif

I don't need sunshine and warm weather to justify these bad boys. I want to try making some chocolate coconut milk ice lollies.

Seashell ice lolly moulds - Matalan

Uh, how much do I want these vintage Care Bears juice glasses?! A whole. damn. lot.

Care Bears tumblers - Shaginy and Til (on Etsy)

And finally. Oh, boy. I did a sharp intake of breath when I saw these treasures. I have no cause to wear heels because I'm a shade under 5'10" (not to mention I walk like a newborn giraffe in them), but, but, but! For these...for these I would sell my left pinky. Okay, maybe not a pinky, but probably a little toe.

Kitty heels - Irregular Choice

Dayuuum. That was a good selection. Why do I torture myself like this every week?


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  1. Lurve that plate and those care bear tumblers!!

    1. I could seriously cry over everything in this week's post - I want it all sooo baaad! Damn it! xo

  2. Ah I totally know that feeling of finding cute heels, but being too tall to wear them. So much cute stuff in this post, esp those shell molds <3

    1. Ahh, tall ladies unite! <3 Thanks, doll. I love the shell moulds too...I went straight out and bought them! They were super cheap - I can get you some if you like? Love sending mail :) xx


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