Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday Favourites - #12

Hello, hello.

Well, this isn't the start of a long weekend, is it. Booo! Let's cheer ourselves up with some cute stuff...

Dang, I am loving this skull bat lace curtain.

Curtain - Plasticland

I always wanted a nameplate necklace, like Carrie's from Sex and the City, but I think I like this dainty bar necklace even more. I'd have it in silver (I never wear gold) and I guess you needn't have your name on it; you could have your favourite word, or short phrase.

Necklace - ShopLUCA (on Etsy)

Uh, how rad is this Ariel tattoo bag?!

Ariel bag - Loungefly

Picnic cutlery needn't be boring - this fancy set is begging for an outing.

Vintage doily picnic cutlery - DotComGiftShop

I adore old typewriters, so this necklace is pretty perfect.

Necklace - Plasticland

As a crazy cat lady, I'm a little bit obsessed with these Vans, inspired by the ASPCA (America's version of the RSPCA). I don't know if a percentage of each sale goes to the charity, but I bloody hope so. Pretty darn gutted that almost all sizes are sold out. 

Kitty shoes - Vans

Diggin' this supercute shirt.

Russian doll tee - Beadesaurus

And lastly - this is a thing of beauty! I would scream if it was ever in my possession. Alas, it is way out of my budget.

Vintage typewriter - ebay

Hope you're all having a wonderful week. I'm off to a wedding tomorrow and get to stay in a fancy country hotel! I've never stayed in a hotel before (other than a craphole in Amsterdam), so I'm pretty excited! I'll try to take lots of pics for a post next week.

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Happy weekend, all!


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  1. OMGGGGG! I love the Little Mermaid so much, I was obsessed when I was a kid (still am!) I need that bag!!


    1. Same here! I watched it over and over and spent HOURS pretending to be Ariel - on land, in the swimming pool, everywhere! Haha x

  2. I adore that bar nameplate necklace. I also wanted a Carrie necklace, but then they got too trendy and I changed my mind.....but the bar I can do!

    1. Yes, me too - plus I could never find one in silver. Glad to have found you a nice alternative! :)


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