Thursday, 17 April 2014

Life Lately.

I'm forever snapping away and always have tons of photos on my phone that don't fit into any particular post, so that calls for a Life Lately update!

Here's Soldier hanging out on my driveway with his kitty friend, Troubadour. I don't know who he belongs to, as he randomly appeared a couple of months ago and has been Soldier's shadow ever since. He follows him around and meows as if he's heartbroken when Soldier comes into the house. 

He's really timid and I can't get near him - he runs away as soon as I approach. I'm trying to tame him enough to check him over and take him to a vet to scan for a microchip, as I want to know if he's a stray. I've been feeding him (wolfs it down) and made a little progress the other day when he and Soldier were playing in the garden; I managed to edge close enough to stroke him gently with a stick, from a distance. Baby steps! He's such a sweetie - never hisses or growls - and he adores Soldier. If I can't find his owner/if he's a stray I'd like to adopt him.

Speaking of cats I want to rescue, this gorgeous beast is available for adoption at Bath Cats and Dogs Home. He was found as a stray and his fur was all matted up, so he had to get this rather fetching haircut. I think he looks like he's wearing a superhero cape and furry booties! I'd love to have him, but the Home think he'd be best as an only cat. 

Adopt me HERE!

Wearing lots of leopard print, as usual.

Baby ducklings on the canal.

And a deer just down the road from my house! There are a pair living there - I hope they have a fawn! 

Plenty of sleepy sofa snuggles with Soldier.

Bringing springtime inside by decorating with pretty flowers.

Doodling whilst on a Black Crowes listening binge (one of my favourite songs of theirs).

A Throwback Thursday - the longest my hair has ever been and the shortest its ever been (apart from totally bald). Pretty extreme, huh? Looking at this makes me so thankful for every single day and reminds me not to worry and stress about silly things - like hair.

Soldier really isn't sure about those primroses.

Apparently I am what you find at the end of the rainbow. Uh, where's my pot of gold?!

So that's a snippet of what my life has looked like lately. I've been feeling a bit poorly the last couple of days, so I hope I feel better by tomorrow, as my fella and I have a rare four day weekend together. We also realised that it's my birthday next month, so we've booked a mini holiday. We're going to stay in a vintage 1940s showman's wagon for three nights and I'm so excited about it! I'll no doubt post more about it nearer the time.


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  1. Aww I love this post! You are an inspiration. I'm an animal lover myself. I would adopt so many animals if I could. Your kitty is cute! Make sure you keep us updated about the other cat and if you manage to find out who he belongs to! Have a lovely day.
    Laura x

    1. Aww, thank you, sweetie! Same here - I wish I could have a house with some land so that I could rescue ALL THE ANIMALS! xo

  2. OMG that stray cat at the sanctuary is gorgeous! I hope he finds a lovely new home.

    We've always had cats and taken a few strays in over the years. We had 3 at one point. I miss having a pet so I think as soon as we've bought a house we'll get one :D

    Chloe x

    1. I hope you get to have a kitty soon! I can't imagine life without one. It's always so much nicer to adopt than buy - well done for taking in rescues :) xx

  3. Aw there's just too many cute kitties in this post <3

    Hope you feel better too xx

    1. Thanks, lovely! And yes - cats seem to gravitate towards me...they must be able to sense my Crazy Cat Lady status ;) xx

  4. poor kitty :( I really want to adopt a cat, but my mom wouldn't allow me :\
    hope the kitty would have an owner soon.


    1. Hopefully you can adopt one someday! The shaved kitty was so sweet - I'm sure he'll find a nice home quickly with his awesome looks! xx

  5. I love posts like these, it's always so great to just sit back & hear about what's going on in blogger's lives. You are a truly amazing person :)

    x leah symonne x

    1. Thank you, Leah - that is so nice to hear :) I want to try to incorporate more personal posts, so stay tuned :) xo


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