Monday, 28 April 2014

Mugshot Monday #13 - Le Chat Noir

Oh, man. Do I feel rough, or do I feel rough

I went to my uncle's wedding on Saturday and was only gone for 28 hours, but it felt like days. It was a two and a half hour drive away and I barely slept at the hotel for some reason. I am absolutely shattered now and my insides hate me for eating so much stuff that I shouldn't have. I didn't want to cause a fuss with my awkward dietary requirements, so I just ate the vegetarian options, which of course were chock-full of cheese, cream and other dairy. The memory of cheese is always better than the reality of it, and how I feel after pigging out on dairy reminds me why I gave it up in the first place. Milk is for baby cows/goats/sheep, not humans. Bleurgh. 

Anyhow, I am keeping it simple today with wholemeal toast, fruit, veg and plenty of rest. Hopefully I'll feel a lot better in a day or two. I feel better than I did yesterday though, so that's something! The wedding itself was lovely and I'll post about it later in the week.

Back to the task at hand - today's Mugshot. I've always loved the old fashioned Chat Noir posters and tin signs that are popular, so Hannes bought me this mug when he was in Paris last July. It's quite different to any other mug I own, with its darker colours, but that's why I like it.

The design wraps all the way around, with three different scenes and I love the black interior. It also makes me happy that it was bought in Paris and is a proper French kitty.

Excuse my terrible dark circles!

Right, I'm off to plan a very healthy dinner - my body is crying out for vegetable goodness!

Hope you all have a fab Monday.


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  1. Such a gorgeous mug! Glad you had fun at the wedding and can't wait to see the post about it! X


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