Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Style - Home

I'm a fan of seasonal decorating - I always make a big deal for the usual celebrations, such as Halloween and Christmas, but I also get excited when autumn starts approaching. Out come the leaf garlands in all their fire-y shades of red, orange and gold, to adorn the mantlepiece and staircase, along with pine cones, conkers and candles. I try to reflect the changing season in other homewares too, like cosy autumnal blankets and heavy stoneware in the kitchen (hello, everything Le Creuset in Volcanic colourway!).

Spring decorating can be just as fun. I love to have fresh flowers about the place and lighten things up with picnicware, melamine, and a palette of pastels and whites, with accents of red and patterns such as stripes. I like girly things, so springtime gives me a chance to really indulge this side of my personality.

I've found quite a few lovely springtime goodies lately (all totally affordable!), so I thought I'd show you what I'm using to bring spring into my little cottage this year. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a couple of bits in my feed there. (Pssst! If you don't follow me on Insta, there's a handy link in the sidebar! I'd love for you to join me!)

I couldn't resist this rug at half price in the sale. I'd seen a similar one in black and white, but I'm glad I didn't get it, as the mint green gives a lovely injection of colour.

Chevron rug - £15 - Urban Outfitters

I hope I haven't left it too late to plant these. Snapdragons are one of my favourite flowers - I only learned a couple of years ago that they're so called because of the awesome trick you can do by squeezing them, to make the 'mouth' open and close like a little dragon.

Snapdragon seeds - 30p - Lidl
Garden fork - 89p Poundstretcher

I love mermaids and I have have a bit of a thing for cutesy salt and pepper shaker sets. I've been lusting after this set for a while now (it featured in an early edition of Friday Favourites) and when I spotted it at half price, I had to snap it up.

Mermaid salt and pepper set - £7 - Urban Outfitters

Whilst standing in line at the Asda checkout recently, I picked up a copy of their new George Home catalogue and boy, am I glad I did! They are killin' it on the homeware front at the moment and everything is so reasonably priced. I immediately fell in love with this nautical duvet set (of course) and it looks awesome in my bedroom.

Anchors Away duvet set - £12 - George at Asda

I'm always a bit reluctant to have white bed sheets, as they show up every speck of fluff and dirt - having a fluffatron cat means this is inescapable - but the all over print on this one will hide it well. Plus, it looks so fresh and stylishly simple.

Here's a close-up of the print. Excuse the crumples - I'm not a fan of ironing!

Also from the George range are these supercute juice glasses. Ikea had some similar last year, but they were always sold out when I went to buy them, so I ran around Asda like a mad woman looking for these, not wanting to miss out again! They are a steal at £2.50 for four.

Flamingo and pineapple glasses - £2.50 - George at Asda

Let's take a closer look at those prints, shall we?

My final purchase from Asda was this cutlery. It comes in individual packs, with a knife, fork and spoon in each. They are an unbelievable £1 per pack. The handles are only cheap plastic and I don't expect them to last very long, but for £1 I can't really complain.

Pastel cutlery - £1 - Asda

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and I love the two-tone colours of these. When it comes to flowers, I prefer little posies to big bunches. I also favour displaying them in quirky objects rather than vases, so I split them between an old milk bottle and a sweet vintage style glass (which you can see in the juice glasses pic, above).

Pink and white tulips - £2 - Lidl
Milk bottle - nicked from a doorstep, oops!

My bathroom has been such a tip for too long. It's a decent enough size, but due to the layout there is very little space for storage of any kind, leading to bottles of lotions and potions everywhere. I popped to Matalan last week and spotted this drawer tower. I'd measured the tiny bathroom space before hand and taken a tape measure with me (how organised - must've had my Weetabix that day!) and it was the perfect fit. Obviously the nautical stripes swayed me.

Stripy drawer tower - £35 - Matalan

I've actually moved it from this spot to next to the sink now. Everything is tidied away out of view and the whole bathroom looks so much better.

Finally, for pops of colour and interest, I love to hang sweet little tokens like this fabric heart, on doorknobs, window handles, anywhere really!

As with many things, it's the little details that really make a difference. These few key pieces have made a huge difference to my home, making it feel lighter, brighter and more festive.

What do you think? Do you like to switch up your home dècor for the changing seasons?


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  1. Wow you've found some beautiful bits. I need the pastel mint cutlery, I'm obsessed with that colour at the mo!

    I don't iron my bedding either - so pointless!

    Chloe x

    1. Yay, two members for the No Ironing Club! Thanks, lady - I love it all so much! I just wish they did the cutlery in other pastel colours too, so I could make up a cute, mixed set xo

  2. Lovely items!! You know I'm coveting that mermaid!

  3. Replies
    1. It's great and I love how long it is - gives me a nice path through the dining room!


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