Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What I Wore - The Witching Hour

Greetings, friends! 

I recently bought this dress in a blog sale and couldn't resist styling it up to let my witchy side come out. Sadly it's a little short (scandalously so from the derrière! Darn being a tall lady) so I think I will only be able to wear it around the house or as a top. I may add some lace to the hem, to lengthen it some, but we'll see.

Anyhoo, this is what I wore for a quiet day at home, when I just felt like playing dress-up. I'm not the only one who still does that as an adult, am I?...

Haha - my face! I didn't mean to look so sullen, but it kinda worked out well for the style of the pics! I felt a little Wednesday Addams, due to my RBF (resting bitch face).

I wore a leopard print bow in my hair, to match the collar of the dress and used one of my skeleton hand hair clips as a brooch. Thanks to Julius, my deer skull, for standing in as prop - I wanted to take snaps with my 'familiar' (Soldier), but he was off galavanting with his new friend, the cheek of it.

Peter Pan collar dress - blog sale (originally New Look), Leggings - H&M,
Studded booties - Barratts (old), Skeleton hand hair clip (used as 
brooch) - Kreepsville666.

Until next time!


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  1. Such a nice dress - I have the length problem on many of mine, too… I love your bone bracelet!

    The Oxford Owl

    1. Thanks! I love that bracelet too. The dress length problem is such a pain - so often a 'dress' is more like a top on me! x

  2. Oh don't I know the woes of dress length issues.. I think with leggings though you can get away with this as a dress. Looks super darling, and loving the Wednesday vibe.

    1. Thanks, lady. I think leggings make it just about acceptable too :) xx


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