Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday Favourites #13 - Modcloth Dresses

Ever since getting dolled up for the wedding last weekend, I've been dreaming of flouncing around in pretty dresses. So instead of my usual round-up of loot, I thought this week I'd do a Friday Favourites special, focusing on dresses. 

I was planning on choosing a selection from a variety of stores, but I got sucked into the many beauties at Modcloth and couldn't tear myself away.

I have yet to actually order anything from Modcloth, but with so many goodies it's just a matter of time...

First up is this classic LBD. V-necks are so flattering and that embroidery is such a nice touch - like a beautiful brooch you can never lose!

Demure All I Want dress 

This red and black polka dot wiggle dress is so damn sexy! Perfect for your inner pin-up and strutting around like a vintage vixen.

You should know by now that I'm a nautical nut, so this dress is like a dream. Ohhh, I want it.

Sea Shanty Singing dress

This cream coloured, embroidered lace, longline dress is just dreamy. I would go so far as to say that it would make a beautiful, affordable wedding dress for those on a budget. I reckon it'd be equally good for prancing through a flower meadow.

Ethereal Girl dress

Summers were made for sweet, red sundresses like this one. I am loving that collar and the flattering neckline. The nipped in waist and slightly flared skirt would make for some killer curves. This dress reminds me of sipping iced tea on the porch, in the hot southern sun.

Taking on Tulsa dress

I've saved my favourite for last. A sucker for skulls on anything, this rockabilly beauty is just divine! A full circle skirt for a satisfying swoosh, whilst swing dancing the night away. Plus, badass sugar skulls all over - perfection!

Frock 'n' Roll dress

What do you think? Do you own any Modcloth dresses? If so, do you have any tips for ordering? As always, I love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Well, it's almost the start of another long weekend. I love May - so many bank holidays! I don't really have any plans in place...after last week's manic weekend I'm going to take it easy and play this one by ear.

Hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you're up to!


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  1. I don't own any Modcloth dresses,more for the fact that I thought that shipping would be ridiculously expensive! Is there a UK alternative? They're all so beautiful! Urgh want *grabby hands*.xx

    1. The shipping doesn't seem too bad and if you had any friends wanting to order stuff, you could club together and split the shipping costs. Unfortunately I haven't found anything in the UK anywhere near as good as Modcloth :( xx

  2. Oh I'd never thought of doing that,I'm going to pop over now & see if they've got anything on sale.I think Ebay might a few dresses in this kind of style,you can find all types of clothing on there.xx


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