Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Life Through a Lens

Gosh, bank holidays really throw me for a loop; I have no idea what day it is and I'm all off schedule with my posts and generally feel a bit wonky! 

I'm going away for a few days from tomorrow and I've been caught up in planning what to take, where to go, what to do and so on, so today's post is a little look back at the past week, as captured through my camera*.

*iPhone - I don't have a camera :(

Soldier's favourite garden spot

Sweet treats

New custom phone case (review coming soon)

Early birthday present!

Mmmm, cake

Home d├ęcor additions

Getting tattooed by lovely Fil

Tea and peanut blondies

Meet Cornelius - my newest taxidermy family member

Wild thing on the prowl

I've scheduled Friday Favourites to post as usual, but things will otherwise be on the quiet side 'round here until next week. I'm off to Cornwall for my birthday weekend - my first holiday since my illness, so I intend to enjoy every moment and not get sidetracked by the online world! I promise to take lots of photos to share on my return.


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  1. That cup is so cute...great selection of pictures.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. Thanks - I love looking back through all my pics and remembering sweet moments :)

  2. iPhone pictures are definitely the best way to catch moments on the go. Who needs a camera?! My BH post is going to be all iPhone photos too :)

    Chloe x

    1. Yes! I'd love a proper camera, but you can't beat our good old iPhones for spontaneous snaps! And much less cumbersome! :) xx

  3. I adore the cut-out paper artwork (and everything else, obviously!). Can't wait to see the review of the phone case - I could do with a new one too. Lisa xx
    (@cthulhuwakes ~

    1. I was so surprised when Hannes gave me the papercut! I featured it in one of my Friday Favourites and he had the artist make me one! :D xx

  4. Ahh, cute kitty! I can't look at another tattoo picture, I must resist the urge to email an artist I want to see!

    Have a great time!

    1. Dooo iiiit! I'm on a roll with my tattoos this year - finally getting all the ones I've always wanted. If not now, then when? Now that I'm so aware of time, I don't put things off any more. If you want it, you should go for it ;) x


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