Wednesday, 7 May 2014

May Day Weekend

You might want to grab a cup of coffee, because with three days to cover, this is one longass post and I'd hate for you to fall asleep...


What the bejesus is this?!

Whilst waiting for Hannes to take photos,
I pull faces...leading to pics like this.

Saturday dawned bright and warm. Hannes kicked off his weekend with a four hour bike ride, whilst I (much more sensibly) stayed in bed, sleepily making my way into the land of the conscious. I ambled to the kitchen and made one of my favourite breakfasts. Slowly, slowly. Everything slowly; enjoying the quiet morning and the absence of any need to rush. 

We decided to treat ourselves to lunch at a place we've often driven past and wondered about - Bath Lodge Castle. It's an odd little place - posh looking from the outside, but not so much on the inside. Friendly and welcoming, we were one of only two pairs dining at this particular lunchtime. We chose a table that looked out over the lovely garden and enjoyed our tea, in cute mismatched teacups, whilst we awaited our food. Rather naughtily, we opted for the afternoon tea (I've been so bad at 'treating' myself to things containing dairy over the last few weeks). I must confess I wasn't overly impressed by looks when it arrived, but it was really tasty. I must've enjoyed it, because I didn't stop to take any photos!

Totally stuffed, I had to ask for a doggy bag to take some of the cake home. To walk off some of the calories, we took a stroll around the gardens, which are mostly woodland and where the majority of the above photos were taken. Anybody know what that crazy plant is?! The one that looks like a curly tentacle?! There were bridges over streams, lots of bluebells and wild garlic as far as the eye could see. I just love being in the woods - there's something so peaceful about it. Although, having just finished watching The Walking Dead, I was a little concerned about zombies.


Another sunny day and after an unheard of early start, off I went to Frome Flea Market, where I bagged this awesome vintage tin.

How freakin' amazing is this 'taxidermy' unicorn?! I've wanted one for so long! Holy smokes, I wish I could afford the £350 price tag. It was apparently made by a guy who makes stuff for Dr. Who. 

On the drive home, I realised that there was still most of the afternoon left, so I stopped into the local animal shelter. I'm always on the lookout for a kitty playmate for Soldier, but haven't found the right one yet. Oh dear lord, this time I found the perfect kitten and fell head over heels in love with her. Unfortunately, the shelter has a strict procedure when it comes to adopting kittens (well, fortunately really, because it means they go to good homes) and because I'm not on the wait list, I can't have her. Heart = broken smashed to smithereens. I keep thinking about her and am so sad that I can't bring her home. I hope somebody worthy ends up with her.

Randomly, this rad vintage car was in the shelter's car park. Why don't cars still look like this?! I'd probably get myself arrested, just so I could ride in it.

Back at home, the picnic blanket was laid outside the house and I had the most glorious nap in the sun - I hate heat, but this was the perfect temperature. I shut my eyes, let my thoughts go wherever they pleased and drifted off into what felt like a warm, cosy bliss. Damn, it was a GOOD nap.

Meanwhile, Soldier was busy being a wild thing in the garden.

And Troubadour came to hang out with him. I can't remember on which day, but the pic was too cute not to include!


How lucky are we to have Bank Holiday Mondays?! On the third and final day of the weekend, I for some reason thought it'd be a brilliant idea to go to Ikea. Taser at the ready (kidding), we made it in, around and out in record time. We managed to only buy what we went there for and stayed in budget. Hoorah! 

I really wanted this awesome toy wolf, complete with granny in his mouth! I already have lots of toys though, so I wasn't allowed to buy it, booo. (P.S. How cool are both the wolf and the granny's outfits?! Stylin'.)

The trip to Ikea was for frames - there has been a pile of things on my table, waiting to be framed, for months now. I only managed to find the right size for two things, but they were the most important, so it's all good. I got tattooed last week and my lovely tattooist friend gave me a copy of the original (from which the stencil was made). It looks so badass on the wall! 

I also found the perfect size frame for this butterfly print. I'm so happy to finally have made a start on this wall - eventually all my favourite things will hang here.

Oh and, this nautical knot ensemble was purchased several weeks ago and now finally has a spot above the living room door.

My other Ikea purchase was this supercute silicone loaf tray. I love the pattern in the bottom and can't wait to bake some pretty bread or cake.

And finally - congratulations if you've made it this far! - Monday was a pretty momentous day, as I discovered that my hair is just about long enough for the teeniest, tiniest topknot ever! I'm pretty darn proud of them hairs!

Phew, I feel like I crammed so much into this weekend, yet it didn't go by too quickly as weekends have a habit of doing. It was long, lingering and felt like it would never end - in the best possible way. I swear, sunshine on skin is one of the best therapies going.


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  1. Loved this post :) and your Cats are so cute <3

    1. Thank you, on both counts :) Glad you enjoyed it, it was a fun weekend x

  2. Gorgeous sunshine! I'm so jealous, it was pretty cloudy up here in the North East!

    I'm SHOCKED you didn't take photos of your afternoon tea ... what a fail .. must try harder next time :p

    Such a shame you couldn't take the gorgeous kitty home :(


    1. I know! I was too busy tucking in to take pics! Good excuse for another afternoon tea though ;)
      The kitten was so sweet...I'm still sad about it, but as long as she gets a good home, that's what matters. xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend and I really like the prints you've framed!

    1. Thanks - I can't wait to add more to the wall :)

  4. So much cool stuff going on in these photos. Sounds like a great weekend. & I love your hair in the last photo <3

    1. Thank you! I probably won't be able to tie it up again soon, as I'm getting the back cut to even it out. I'll have to enjoy my tiny topknot while I can! xo

  5. Looks like a fun weekend!! I admire anyone who makes the most of a long weekend, I am usually indecisive about what to do!
    Oh how I would love the taxidermy Unicorn!! You've got to save up and buy it!!

    Much love, Peachy xx


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