Monday, 12 May 2014

Mugshot Monday #15 - Take Me Back to Nashville

Good morning! And it really has been a good morning so far...

I've had a run of about a month without any hospital visits, but this morning I had an ultrasound scan because my body decided that after the trauma of cancer, I might want another foreign lump in my body, in the form of a very painful ovarian cyst. Joy! I had an ultrasound in February which confirmed the cyst and today's was a follow-up to check on it. I am very pleased to report that it has buggered off and my pesky ovary now looks 'normal'. Hoorah! Well done, body - gold star.

Then, not long after I'd been home, a courier delivered an awesome vintage mug, which I cannot wait to share here in a couple of weeks! It's going to be so difficult not to post it before its scheduled debut!

So, after a rather manic Monday morning, I'm finally sitting down to a late breakfast and mug of tea, in this here vessel...

Oh, Nashville! Music City. How I long to go back. 

I bought this mug about four years ago, during one of my several trips to Nashville, Tennessee to visit friends. I wanted a tacky souvenir from one of the touristy shops Downtown and this fitted the bill perfectly.

I love using it because it reminds me of some of the happiest times of my life, spent with my best friends. I miss them so much - I haven't seen them in over two years due to my illness, so I can't wait to go visit them this year.

Hope Monday is treating you well! I have a meeting tomorrow morning, which I really hope goes in my favour - please send good, positive vibes my way!


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