Monday, 26 May 2014

Mugshot Monday #17 - Butterfly Habitat

Happy Bank Holiday! If you're in the US, Happy Memorial Day and if you're anywhere else...Happy Monday!

I bought this mug in the early noughties, from Habitat. It came with a little matching saucer/side plate, which I also still have but as it has no groove for the mug to sit in, I tend to keep them as separate pieces.

Although 'modern' I like the retro feel of the design - kinda 70s with those flowers I think. 

The colours are so lovely and that little butterfly is adorable.

I really like how short this mug is - it's my go-to when I want a smaller cup of coffee.

Hope your week is off to a flying start!


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  1. Cute cup! Perfect for a morning espresso shot :) You're inspiring me to start a mug collection.xx

    1. Everyone needs a few really good mugs - they make a simple cup of tea even more enjoyable! xx

  2. It's a good feeling when you find a good cup :)


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