Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Favourites #18

What up, dawgs? This time last week I was on holiday and it was my birthday. This week is somewhat lacking in comparison, but comparison is the thief of joy, so let's not wallow; let's shop! Even if it is only the window variety.

This pastel chevron tote would be a perfect beach bag.

Sunnylife bag - Lluka at John Lewis

Holy smokes, this Alice in Wonderland teapot is all kinds of cool.

White rabbit teapot - ebay

Nail polish that looks like a galaxy in a bottle - yes please!

Perseid nail polish - Illamasqua

How fun does this home bingo game look?! I can imagine a hilarious night of wine fuelled bingo with friends.

Home bingo - DotComGiftShop

This dress has so many things going for it - the colour, the style, the pattern print, even the name. It's just rad.

Burrito dress - Sugarhill

Let's take a closer look at that print, shall we?...Uh-huh, MEXICAN DONKEYS!

My feet would be super happy with these anchor print Oxfords on them.

Anchor print shoes - Schuh

Oh-so in love with these plates. Want, want, want.

Bee plate - Anthropologie

Oh emm geeee, I love this vintage 80s jumper and I'm not even kidding.

80s cat jumper - Frolic Exchange on Etsy

I've wanted a basket for my bike for the longest time and this detachable bad boy is quite possibly perfect.

Metal carry basket - Bobbin Bicycles

And lastly, how fabulous is this vintage kitty perfume bottle?! Answer: very.

Perfume bottle - SecondWindShop on Etsy

Hope you have a grand weekend! I'm going to finally get round to sorting all my holiday snaps into several posts, ready for next week. 


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  1. I love your taste in items!!! So dainty and innocent. love!!! the baby blue basket is soooo perfect!!!

    1. Thanks! I know, right? That basket is adorable...I must have it! x

  2. I NEED that nail varnish in my life! :P Also that white rabbit teapot is adorable :)

  3. Ah I love the Alice in Wonderland Teapot. Also I recently acquired a bike so I can ride around the city and that basket is amazing. I want a basket on my bike so badly and whats better then a detatchable one.

    1. Yes, exactly - fancy *and* functional! :)


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