Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Favourites #19

Happy Friday the 13th, kittens!

It's been a funny ol' week. I have some news that I'll share soon. It's kinda good news, I guess...except I spent the majority of Tuesday crying about it. I'm not good with change. Oh, emotions! 

What I am good with, is sniffing out supercute stuff! So here's this week's round-up of wants.

I know what I'm getting Soldier for Christmas!

World's Best Cat trophy - Archie McPhee

It's way out of my budget, but how ace is this vintage ice cream sign?

Ice cream sign - Old New House on Etsy

This 1940s-esque hat is stylin'.

Lorena hat - Collectif

I'm in need of a stapler. Correction: I'm in need of this stapler.

Grasshopper stapler - Anthropologie

Floors deserve decoration too and this geometric rug is gorgeous.

Rug - Ikea

Perfect for a weekend getaway, this anchor print holdall is the epitome of sailor chic.

Weekend bag - Modcloth

I'm a big fan of one-pot meals and salads, where you can just dump it all on a plate and let everyone help themselves. This serving platter would be great for such occasions. Or you could fill it with cake.

Serving platter - H&M

This constellation necklace is such a statement piece and comes in all signs of the zodiac, but the Sagittarius version is my favourite - just look at it! Too bad I'm a Gemini!

Sagittarius necklace - JesikaJack on Etsy

Sticking with the space theme, I'm in love with this vintage style NASA tee. 

Blast Off t-shirt - Modcloth

As always, I hope y'all have a super stellar weekend!


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  1. Ahhhhh that vintage ice cream cone sign. I love it!!!!!! I recently bought a vintage light up black and gold desserts sign to hang above my baking things in the kitchen, sadly the sign is too long to hang at my current apartment but I had to have it anyways. So Im just saving it for the next apartment I move in to ;) I love anything sweets/baking decoration related, cause Im always looking to girly up my kitchen

    1. That sounds awesome! I hope you find somewhere to hang it soon!

  2. I LOVE that stapler! I may have to try modifying my own stapler so it looks that cute :P


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