Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday Favourites #21

Hi friends.

My last post was a bit of a downer - thank you if you took the time to read it and have stuck around to read this and future posts. I lost a few Bloglovin followers after that outpouring, but I'm not going to let it bother me. This is my blog, a place to share my thoughts, whether they are good or bad. I'm not interested in fickle, fair weather readers, so buh-bye, good riddance. And hello to you, dear faithfuls! Even though I disabled comments on my previous post, I received several sweet, kind messages via Twitter, email and on a past post I linked to. Thank you so much. A kind word goes such a long way.

Following on from my last post, my nurse called me back the next morning and, with my surgeon, arranged for me to go in first thing Thursday morning. I'm beyond grateful that they are so understanding. They have been so good to me and always listen to my worries. My surgeon examined me and said she couldn't feel anything worrisome, but that she'd arrange an ultrasound to put my mind at rest. They somehow squeezed me in there and then and the radiologist confirmed that all looked normal and they agreed that it was most likely the heat and running that has made my axilla feel swollen and odd. The pumping action from exercise could also have stimulated the nerves (which were severed during my surgery) to find new pathways, giving new sensation where there was previously none, therefore making the area feel strange. Whatever is causing it, I am just so relieved that it doesn't seem to be anything sinister. Be that as it may, it doesn't discount the last post - those feelings are very real and are there every single day.

Aaaand breathe.

This week's Friday Favourites is a little different. Instead of 'stuff', I've been wanting to focus on things I already have and little moments that mean something - my true favourites of the past week. More and more I find myself wanting to collect memories and moments, instead of material things. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, why the devil not?!) then you've probably seen most of these already - I share day to day moments there a lot, so hop on over and join me if you want to stay hip to the happenings around here.

So, my favourite things this week have been...

Getting excited to take my lunch to my new job in this cute lunch bag. Oh yeah - I got a new job! I forgot to tell y'all amidst other stuff. I start on the 4th of July, eep. I'll write more about that soon, but it is a HUGE step for me.

Flouncing around in this light-as-air kimono, which I snagged for a bargain £5. I adore the print on it. Outfit post coming tomorrow!

This photo from my most recent outfit post. I pretty much never like photos of myself, but this one I do. I feel like I look like a normal girl in it, instead of a cancer patient. It's been a while.

I had one of these when I was little and have wanted one again for years. My very kind neighbours were selling this delightfully old fashioned gem and when I asked about it, they gave it to me - for free! My very own swing seat!! Hannes and I spent a whole day sitting out on it in the sunshine and then I spent a quiet afternoon laid out on it, reading, whilst snuggled under a blanket and swinging away. Bliss.

This guy. My kitty soulmate. This is his "Um, excuse me, I'm blogging" face.

Gotta love that Pom Bear PMA. Such happy snacks.

This photo I took of Hannes and Poppet out-grumping each other.

The mug I'd wanted for months (and was featured in one of my very early Friday Favourites) is finally on sale, so after a week of stress and worry, I treated myself to it and have been enjoying quiet moments, sipping tea.

I hope you've all had a good week and have found time to stop and love the little things.


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  1. I start a new job July 1st, I totally need an adorable lunch box also, you've inspired me. Im obsessed with your new swing seat, that it the most beautiful thing I have laid eyes on.

    1. Every girl needs a good lunch box! Hope you find a suitably cute one :) Ohh, I'm so in love with the swing seat! I'm so mad that the weather has turned rainy!

  2. I think you're an incredible person, you've been through so much and you are strong enough to be honest and open about your fears and feeling. If other people don't like it they can screw themselves.

    1. Well said, Julie! Thank you for the kind words <3

  3. This is the kind of favourite post I like. I think that little cup is well deserved! So glad everything worked out ok, but I'm glad they are so understanding of your worries, that's always nice to hear with healthcare.

    1. I am SO thankful that we (currently) have such good healthcare here. I am beyond angry and very worried about the government selling off the NHS and privatising it. If I had to have private healthcare, I wouldn't have been able to afford cancer treatment and likely wouldn't be here now.

  4. Firstly, hooray for the health service and for everything being ok! This is excellent news.
    Secondly, I totally tried to double-tap "like" the photos. Doh! This is a great post :) xx (@cthulhuwakes)

    1. Hehe! I tried to double tap a picture on Fb the other day! Too many different social sites!
      Thanks, love. The NHS is so wonderful - I am so fearful of it being privatised. I hope against hope that it doesn't happen xx

  5. I love this post! Can this seriously become a thing? Focusing weekly on what we have/what has made us happy rather than the stuff we want? You've inspired me.. I want to do something like this, but perhaps on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Also, that mug is adorable!

    Can I rant to you for a moment? I have seen other bloggers making snide remarks about those who share what they deem as "too much" about a persons personal life on their own blog. As nice as it is that lots of bloggers use it as a way to stay positive and focus on lighter issues, I think if you did that all the time you're creating a false sense of life/who you are. We all have these struggles and stories, and I firmly believe yours is worth sharing..even if its not sugar coated and makes some people uncomfortable. When I read your post I had so many thoughts buzzing in my head and it really changed perspective for me. I have had people very close to me experience cancer and I have still not known how to even talk to them after 'beating' it. I cherish your posts because I love seeing what you have to say and I look forward to keep reading for awhile <3

    1. It's funny you said that, because ever since this post I've wanted all my Friday Favourites to be like this! This week's sees a return to this and each Friday will now be focusing mainly on favourite moments from the week, with perhaps just one or two things I've seen and really want :) I think everyone should focus more on the little things and less on STUFF.

      Thanks so much for sharing that, too - I hate that false perfect life that so many bloggers portray. That's not what I'm about at all. Sure I like to post pretty things and for things to look nice, but that's not real life. Real life is a mix of good and bad and I don't know why anyone wouldn't want a rounded view of the blogger they're reading about. It just doesn't make sense! Unfortunately I've had a lot of 'bad' and the main reason I share it so openly is in the hope that it might help someone else. I know how hard and isolating it can be and so I hope that someone reads it and feels less alone and gleans a little bit of hope from it.

      I hope you stick around for a long while yet, my friend! <3 xoxo


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