Monday, 9 June 2014

Mugshot Monday #19 - The Brownie Guide Law is my last Mugshot Monday :(  I've been putting off posting it all day because I'm sad that it's coming to an end. I've loved posting my mug collection each week and hope that you've enjoyed seeing them!

Today's fine and final specimen is my newest acquisition. When this vintage gem popped up on my Instagram feed, I just had to have it. I used to be a Brownie and I was of the era when this Brownie uniform was still in use, before they 'modernised' it. I much prefer this old style uniform and used to love wearing it to our weekly meetings, especially the little purse on the belt and the yellow neck tie. I was a Seconder and then became a Sixer, of the Pixies. The lovely girl I bought this mug from was also a Pixie. Pixies rule! Sorry if you've never been a Brownie and that's all gibberish to you!

I just love this mug. It brings back so many memories and feelings of nostalgia. The illustrations are amazing and the colours perfectly match the Brownies palette. It shows Brown Owl - the Brownie leader - talking to two Brownies on a branch, along with another doing the Brownie salute and also the Brownie Guide Law:

"A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and 
does a good turn every day."

A great affirmation to start the day with, along with a cup of tea.

Do young folk still go to Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts? I hope it's still a thing, because I remember it being so fun and a place to socialise, learn skills, work towards achievements and Pack Holiday was always an adventure! I definitely think that kids today could do with more places like that. I feel lucky to be among the last of a generation where real childhood was still encouraged, before computers, the internet, video games and mobile phones took over.

And here are all my Mugshots, brought together in one beautiful amalgamation.

As I was compiling the collages above, I was super excited to see how much my hair has grown from one of the first Mugshot Mondays, to the last. Look!

Squeeee! I finally have a bob! 

Well, my friends, that's it for Mugshot Monday. Unless I buy any further mugs, of course! In which case I'll post additional Mugshots as and when. If you want to relive the series/if you're new around here and want to check out my previous mugs, you can peruse all the Mugshot Monday posts right here.

But fear not! If you're already lamenting my weekly mugs, I have a little something up my sleeve for next week, in the form of a new series. Hoorah! Make sure you tune in next Tuesday to find out more...


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  1. This is definitely my favourite mug. You brought back so many memories :D Remember the bobble hat ? I was Sixer of the Gnomes and went on to Guides after too .. fun times!

    1. Yeah! The bobble hat, the shirt dress...I loved all of it! x

  2. Too many awesome mugs!!
    I never went to Brownies/Guides and such as a child. It didn't seem too popular with the people I knew.

    Here though, in Belgium, they seem to love it. There are always so many kids going around dressed as scouts/guides and what not. Quite a few of the people I work with still do it on the weekends and stuff. but I get the feeling it's expected and everyone does it just because of that.

    1. Yes, the scout and guide movement does seem to be a big deal in Europe. I think it's nice :)


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