Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tamar Otter and Wildlife Centre

Part two of my holiday posts...

Before I went to Cornwall I did some research into places nearby to visit. I love otters, so when I saw that there was an otter centre close to where we were staying, I knew I had to go.

So on my birthday we trundled off to Tamar Otter and Wildlife Centre. It was so lovely!

We arrived near feeding time and my gawd, I had no idea how loud otters can be! They were so darling and it was superfun seeing them up close. One group was doing the adorable otter thing of lying on their backs and 'juggling' with stones. So sweet!

As well as the otters, there are many other animals, including peacocks (even white ones, wooow), harvest mice, chipmunks, bunnies, Scottish wildcats, wallabies and my favourite; deer.

There is a whole woodland that you can wander around, where the deer and wallabies roam free, which is lovely to see. Deer food costs 50p per bag and I was squealing with delight at being able to get so close to one of my favourite animals. Hand-feeding deer, are you kidding me?! The young stag was the most tame and he ate almost all of the food from my hand. And then the paper bag too, oops! A couple of does were brave enough to be hand-fed, but most of the others hung back and nibbled bits that I threw to them on the floor. I managed to take a really nice video of them running through the woods, which you can find on my Instagram. They are so beautiful and silent, even when running. They're like forest ghosts, so enchanting. 

It was such a great day and I recommend a visit for any animal lovers in the Cornwall area.


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  1. This is my kind of day out! They're so cute!! We're on holiday in Norfolk in 3 weeks and I'm already planning a trip to a wildlife park :D

    1. Yay, that sounds rad! Animals make everything so much better! xo

  2. Aww, that places looks awesome! Otters are super cute! Also, the white peacock, that's a little weird. Cool, but weird.

    1. Haha! I like anything weird, so the white peacocks were right up my street. The otters were so cool and it was great being able to see them so closely :)


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