Thursday, 3 July 2014

A quick catch up

It's been a bit quiet on the ol' blog this week. I unintentionally took a little break from pretty much all online activity (except for watching Blossom - man, I LOVED that show as a kid. Who am I kidding - I still love it now), due to not feeling very well. I started feeling headachey after my run on Sunday and, by Monday morning, I was feeling really sick as well. I thought perhaps going out might help, so I went to the spa with my mum. It was nice bobbing around in the thermal waters, but I spent a lot of the time trying to forget about the waves of nausea and not throw up in the pool. Ugh. Anyway, I'm still feeling a bit funky now, but nowhere near as bad so hopefully whatever it is, is on its way out.

In addition to not being well, I just wasn't in the mood for online stuff. I don't like posting things for the sake of it, so I didn't. More and more these days I find myself wanting to live in the real world and experience life as it should be - in the moment - instead of spending so much time documenting it to show others. I had a conversation about it on Wednesday with my friend, Tom who told me about someone he knows who has absolutely zero online presence. No Facebook, no Instagram, nothing. Woooow. Imagine what that must be like! I'm not going to go to that extreme - I love Instagram and blogging and the internet can be a wonderful place - but I am going to reduce the amount of time spent checking various sites. I've been doing this lately anyway, so it feels like a natural progression. 

I've met up with several people this week, which is unusual for me. About 90% of my time is spent alone and I've really enjoyed having actual conversations with friends both new and old, finding out what's going on in their lives, from them, instead of via a screen. And the best bit was that nobody was checking their phone every two minutes; in fact, phones weren't checked at all, which is the sign of great company. This is most definitely something I want to spend more time doing - building relationships and spending quality time.

I felt really good after meeting up with my friend, Kate today. I've known her for several years after we met through someone else, but only really spoke online and occasionally bumped into each other out and about. We've both been through very different but pretty horrific experiences and it was so good speaking to someone who can empathise and actually understand how I feel. She is such a clever cookie in so many ways and a really inspiring woman - thank you, Kate!

My other news this week is that I start my new job tomorrow (Friday). EEEK! I am super nervous. I haven't worked for just over two years, since I got sick. I'm going to be working two days a week at a natural history charity. It seems like an interesting and pretty relaxed place to work, which is definitely what I need. So I hope I can ease back into working life gently. Also, my new boss, Jon, seems really nice and the best bit of all is that he has a Bassett hound called Elvis, WHO COMES INTO THE OFFICE. Uh-huh!! I am so psyched about this! I really hope he comes in on my days! 

So that's what's been happening this week. I hope yours is going just splendidly.


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  1. Ive also always debated this, having no online presence sounds nice. My boyfriend actually is the same way he has no Facebook, blog, instagram, snap chat, or tumblr. none of it and he prefers it that way. It does seem simpler, like he calls his friends or sees them to catch up and knows nothing about whats going on with them through the internet, which if you think about it just means you really like that person cause thats effort most people don't put it in because they have Facebook. I feel like my age group (he is 6 years older then me) is more accustomed to keeping in touch through these tools, and the main reason I don't quit it is because I moved half way across the country from where I grew up and where my old friends are. The internet does make it easy to keep informed when you can't actually be there. But I hate the culture of being attached to our phones and constantly.

  2. I just wrote a nice comment and it deleted itself... This has happened a few times lately. Oh karma, what have I done.

    I'll be extra brief now: I had no online presence before starting my blog (except the complimentary FB that comes with life these days). I decided to start my blog to find more people to talk to about my interests or at least to share them with. I don't really have anyone (except the bf) in my RL who shares interests with me and with not getting one with my job, it has made me a lot more happier to have somewhere to come and be happy.
    But I do know when to put my phone or whatever down, I'm not one for using social media/my phone in general at work ever. If I'm out with friends I don't do it, unless it's to say I got here or I'm leaving.
    aIf this is what makes you happy then go for it :)

  3. I quite often find that I need a break from social network and have also taken a step back lately. Sometimes keeping up to date just gets a bit overwhelming. I think if it makes you happy, go for it! I also really hope you feel better soon. Lisa xx (@cthulhuwakes)


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