Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday Favourites #23

I absolutely love skulls, bones, skeletons; pretty much anything anatomy related. I find it fascinating how we all look so different, yet underneath are all the same.

I have various skulls, antlers and taxidermy decorating my home and, when my mum gifted me an awesome candle earlier this week, painted with a Mexican sugar skull, it reignited my love for all things cranium.

Nina Marlena makes the most incredible plaster cast skulls, then decorates them in fantastic designs. The Atlas skull is my favourite.

Atlas skull - Nina Marlena

This phrenology storage jar, with sliding top, is rad!

Phrenology flip top - Sourpuss

This classic wallet ticks all the boxes. It's supposed to be for men, but screw that! Why should they have all the fun?! It's embossed with Western inspired images of skulls, pistols, rope and even a jackalope.

Bad Wrangler wallet by Lucky 13 - Beadesaurus

Being a crazy cat lady, I can't resist this replica bobcat skull, from one of my favourite Etsy stores. The detail is amazing and you'd never be able to tell it isn't a real skull.

Bobcat skull replica - Skullery, on Etsy

You may have noticed that I'm a big fan of bandanas and head scarves. This sugar skull wrap is fantastic.

Day of the Dead head scarf - Dolly Cool, on Etsy

This replica human skull storage jar really appeals to my sense of humour. I love how it's filled with sweets resembling brains in the picture. I would definitely have to do the same!

Think Outside the Box - Modcloth

Up-cycled crockery is a love of mine, particularly when the design is in such stark contrast to the original pattern, like this plate featuring the skeleton of a Victorian corseted lady.

Skeleton lady plate - The Lucky Fox, on Etsy

Finally, to balance out the macabre, this is my favourite thing I've found this week. Watch, and love.

Wishing you all a smashing weekend!


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  1. Omg, the hedgehog video--adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I've watched it about a million times, haha!

  2. So many cool things here. I love the plate and the contrast of the drawing so much.

    1. I think that's my favourite too :) <3


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