Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday Favourites #24

A few weeks ago I did a Friday Favourites post on my favourite moments from the week, instead of 'things' I wanted. Ever since then I've struggled a bit with Friday Favourites - I want to focus more on moments and less on materialism. 

So from now on my Friday Favourites will focus primarily on sweet snippets from the week, then potentially incorporate anything interesting or of note that I've seen online/read and perhaps just a couple of things that I really, really want.

Hope that's cool with y'all! Let's try to focus on what we have, rather than what we wish we had.

This week, my favourite things have been...

Taking Elvis, the office dog, for a walk in the park on my lunch break. He is so funny and when I sat down to eat my sandwich, he stared at me with this tragic look the entire time. He will eat anything if you're not careful. I've never had my own dog, but I want one so bad. 
(Sidenote - I visited the shelter again earlier in the week and there was THE most gorgeous dog. Possibly a Portuguese water dog or labradoodle cross...she was like a giant teddy bear and stood up on her back legs as if to have a great big cuddle. It said she wasn't for adoption, which broke my heart. I would've taken her then and there if I could.) 

My neighbours put on a Bastille Day street party, so I dressed 'French' for the occasion. It was such a lovely, sunny day and I got to meet loads of my neighbours who I'd not yet met since living here. They were all so nice and there are a few really lovely ladies, who I hope I'll see more of.

My neighbours had put so much effort in and we all took some food to share - there was a huge spread of dishes, plus a BBQ - I was stuffed! I'm looking forward to the next neighbourhood get together.

Soldier has been super extra cute this week, which I didn't even think was possible. He has been being super dooper cuddlesome and so adorably sweet - following me around, waiting for me to accompany him places and curling up right next to me at night. He's also made himself a little hidey hole in the garden, in the flower border, under a big plant. It's disgustingly cute to see him snuggled up in there, then as soon as he hears me open a door or window, his little head pops out. 

I've been out for sushi not once, but twice this week. There is an awesome sushi place in my town and the food seems to be really authentic and so delicious. They do a great vegetarian selection and I am addicted to their pumpkin fritter things. Daaang, I could eat about a million of them. Plus, I just love the conveyor belt of food - talk about a dream come true!

I grew things!! I am so chuffed - this year is my first attempt at growing a few vegetables and it's just fantastic watching things shoot and sprout and grow, I love it. I cannot believe how fast things have shot up. These little potatoes are the first of the crop and there are tons of peas coming along. I couldn't resist picking one to see how they're doing inside. I'm also growing carrots and tomatoes.

Teeny tiny peas! Soldier just has to know what's happening, haha. His face in this photo cracks me up. He was clearly hoping it was treats for him, poor bean.

This vegan ice cream is the bomb diggity. It's Swedish Glace raspberry flavour and is damn delicious. I had to put sprinkles on it, because duh.

More garden times with the best kitty ever. The grass seriously needs mowing, but I like it more when it's overgrown and meadow-like. Soldier does too - much better for prowling around in, pretending to be a jungle cat!

And finally, my brand spanking new hair. I talked about it in yesterday's post, so I won't repeat myself too much, just to say that I love it. So much.

How has your week been, my dears? I hope it's been fabulous and that your weekend is just as grand.


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  1. Happ week. Love the hair. I try and post a love from the week post too once a week. Looking pack a happy things.

    1. Thank you! Happiness is what it's all about :)

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! It's such a lovely cut, not to mention the colour!
    Posts like these are such a great idea :)

    Fashion| Lifestyle| Beauty - Rhi's Adult Life

    1. Ahh, thanks! I love to look back on posts like this and remember lots of little happy moments :)

  3. Ah your hair is gorgeous! Such a pretty blue! Also your neighborhood really seems to go all out for block parties, its adorable.

    1. They do! This was my first one and I was pretty anxious before hand, but they put in so much effort, it was great!
      And thank you - I'm so pleased with how my hair turned out!

  4. Aww what an adorable kitty! Still so much love for that hair colour! I love these kinds of posts, somewhere to put everything that doesn't fit anywhere else :D

    1. He is such a cutie! Light of my life! <3


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