Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Teacup Tuesday #7 - Paragon Pastel Pink

Let us bow our heads and take a moment, to remember the series that has been Teacup Tuesday. Today is the final instalment, but fear not; next week I have something related to share, in a mini-series.

Back to today though. Let's bask in the glory of this week's teacup - a delightful, sugary hued pastel perfection.

I can't find any information on which pattern it might be, but as it doesn't have a pattern name stamped on the underside, it leads me to think it's probably part of a mass produced set. But who cares?! The gently scalloped edges, the gold trim, the scroll handle, and the delightful surprise of a large, inner design, not to mention the pastel pink colour...all adds up to one mighty fine teacup. I love how the yellow rose pops against the soft pink. 

I basically feel like a Disney princess when I drink from this teacup. 

Pinkies up!


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  1. I love this one!! But I'm sad the teacup series is over... :(

    1. Me too...clearly I need to buy more teacups!

  2. Oooh those scallopy edges, that pink coloring and that floral interior. Im in love. I also am saddened to see the series end but thank you for sharing as long as you did!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! For the coming weeks it will become "Teapot Tuesday", but I only have four, so after that I'm not sure what my next series will be!

  3. So so cute. I love the edges and the pop of yellow. I loved this series, but I'm excited to see what else you've got planned in the future c:


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