Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Carter's Vintage Steam Fair

Every year, around August or September, a vintage steam fair comes to my town. And every year, I excitedly await its arrival, to wander amongst the red and gold, the bright lights, the sounds - bells ringing, klaxons blaring, pipe organs piping the tunes to accompany the rides - and the smells; oh, the smells! Greasy steam powered engines, doughnuts, candy floss, popcorn, toffee apples, hotdogs, all mingle together in the unmistakable perfume of the fair.

This year was no exception, so on Sunday, off I went to take in the sights and sounds. And ride the carousel, of course.
(If you're new here, Victorian carousels are one of my great loves.)

I also went on the big swinging ship ride, because I felt like being brave. Um...yeah, I wish I hadn't! First off, the guy running the ride looked at me with the weirdest expression ever. I don't know if he didn't dig my blue hair or something, but he looked at me like I had two heads, or was a piece of poop on his shoe. So rude! Hannes and I were the only people on the ride and the guy made us sit at opposite ends, in the seats marked 'very brave'. I just about pooped my pants when the boat started swinging. It felt as though it was vertical at some points and with only the bar behind me (not even in front of me!) to hang on to, I felt like I was going to fall, especially as when the boat descended to swing the other way, the force kept lifting me up off the bench. Jeez. The wind was blowing my dress right up round my waist, which I couldn't do anything about without letting go and, sheesh, it was so scary! 

Other than that little mishap, it was a great time. And of course I had some hot, fresh doughnuts, because no trip to the fair is complete without doughnuts.

The house in the last picture is situated in the park and I've lusted after it since I was a little girl. I guess it's used for park related business, but boy-oh-boy, how I wish I could live there! It's so perfect - it looks like a magical fairytale cottage!

Carter's Steam Fair is travelling to lots of other places before the end of summer, so why not have a look to see if it's coming anywhere near you


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  1. Wow this is gorgeous! I just had a little look at the website but unfortuntaely it's not coming anywhere near here :(

    1. Oh, that's a shame! Maybe keep an eye out for anything similar. On a sort-of-related note, does the Metro Centre still have the indoor theme park? I used to love going there when I was a kid!

  2. I love the fair, but never EVER the swinging ship ride! I had a similar experience when I was around 13-ish. As it went up, I would slide out from under the barrier that went in front of you and I remember dangling in the air when it reached the top! So so scary! Never again, I absolutely refuse to step foot on them.

    I think I might go to the fair this weekend, we've got one on in Brussels at the moment :) I feel like so doughnuts!

    1. It's horrible, isn't it?! My shins are covered in bruises, from bashing into the bench in front of me.
      You should definitely go to the fair though, if only for the doughnuts! ;)

  3. This fair looks incredible! All the fairs I have ever been to have just looked..sad. I love how classic and vintage this one is!


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