Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Favourites #26

Can someone please tell me where this year is going?! I cannot believe that it's been a week since my last Friday Favourites, not to mention that today is AUGUST. What the what?! We are closer to this coming Christmas than to last Christmas, which is frankly just bonkers.

I'm excited to be creeping towards autumn though - along with spring, it's my favourite season. Truth be told, I pretty much hate summer when it's like it has been recently; i.e. too damn hot.

This week has been a pretty busy one for me. I overdid it a bit and spent more energy than I have in my 'energy bank', so I'm trying to play catch-up with myself. It's hard though, when I just want to be able to do stuff.

I looked after my friends' little boy, Rory, on Saturday and had so much fun. He and his sister are the most well behaved, lovely children that I've ever known. Hannes and I are Rory's guide parents (secular version of god parents) and it was awesome spending the day with him. We went to the park, played in the sandpit, ran from monsters in the garden and had cuddles on the swing seat. It's wonderful to watch him progress and develop his words and skills and grow evermore sweet and funny. The best little dude. My mini Thor.

Wearing the best kitty necklace. I was given the kitty last Christmas, on a ribbon and I was unsure if it was a Christmas tree ornament or what - I just knew it was badass and so I put it on a chain and voila - a neat-o necklace!

My friend Kate made me a delicious tart for lunch last week and I tried to recreate it at home. I didn't have exactly the right ingredients, but with a few substitutions it was still yummy. Those are also peas from my garden! I can't quite believe just how much better homegrown things taste.

Speaking of my garden, check out these roses! The colours are unreal! Seeing them makes me smile, every time.

After rearranging some furniture, we've made room for me to have an office/studio/workspace, which I'm so excited about. In reality it's just a corner of a room, but after a trip to Ikea, building my shelves and moving my desk into place, it's coming together nicely. I can't wait for it to be done so I can get to crafting, drawing, making, creating. Oh and to show y'all! A trip to Ikea wouldn't be complete without buying something you don't need. In this case, post-its. I just can't resist stationery.

A sweet treat. I love peanut butter M&Ms so very much. 0% vegan, but 100% scrumptious.

I finally found a use for my kitty throw, where I can look at it all the time: as a curtain in my new studio, yay! (Yes, yes I am going to refer to it as my studio and I don't care how pretentious it sounds. I've waited a long time for this!)

I've been out on two nice walks this week, both catching up with friends at the same time. I just love being outside, looking at all the wonderful, crazy nature, even if I was melting by the end of it.

My weekend holds a trip to the movies for Guardians of the Galaxy and a trip to the steam fair, so lots of sweet moments to be had, I'm sure.

I hope your weekend is looking just as swell!


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  1. I love just popping out for a walk, there are some lovely fields behind my house where I like to go.

    Stationery is always a win, especially post its!

    ~ K

    1. It is so handy having fields close by! It's lovely being close to open green space :)
      Ohhh yes, I am such a hoarder of stationery! I cannot go anywhere without buying something!


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