Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday Favourites #27

It's been a quiet week - I've not been feeling well and have some worries, which are weighing heavy on my mind. I don't feel much like writing about it right now, so I'll just skip right to it and post some pretty pictures. Even when dark thoughts plague me, there are good things to cheer me up, for which I am thankful.

I am over summer. I know I've been moaning about the heat a lot recently, but really, I just hate it. I'm ready for chilly mornings, chunky boots, sweater weather, turning leaves and duh, Halloween! I've been getting into the spirit early, by using my Halloween plates. Now I might go watch Hocus Pocus.

This little pickle has decided that his favourite sleeping spot at night, is on the bed, right next to me. As in, as close as he can possibly get, taking up most of my side of the bed. I've spent the last week or so being squished in the middle of the bed, unable to move. Why don't I move him? Don't be silly, don't you know anything about being a bonafide Crazy Cat Lady?

I won a necklace on Instagram, from the lovely Ladybird Likes. My suggestion of 'brains before beauty' was picked, along with some others, to be made into one of their banner necklaces. Super cute! Check out the online shop for lots of other darling jewellery.

Munching on my favourite snack - avocado and hot sauce on wholemeal toast. I could eat this every single day, yuuuum.

I just had to share this outtake from my recent outfit post! This was me being a brat because Hannes came outside and I hate anyone watching me take outfit pics.

Chinnie kisses! Just one of the many adorable things chinchillas do - every so often they come back to each other and 'kiss' as a means of communication, affection and reassurance. I really will get round to writing a proper post about these guys, one of these days.

My happy place - riding on a carousel.

Lastly, I stumbled across Aitch's artwork on Tumblr. I just love this series, called 'Beautiful Us'. With how I'm feeling about my body right now, I really enjoyed looking at these paintings and remembering what a marvel the human body is .

Hope you have a tip-top weekend!


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  1. That art work is amazing! Hope you work things out and start to feel a little better :)

    ~ K

  2. I'm so glad that you've introduced me to the world of avocado and hot sauce! I love that outfit post outtake :) our kittehs have been super snuggly lately too, I love it! Lisa x (@cthulhuwakes)

    1. Yeeees! Welcome to the avocado-hot-sauce club! It is SO good! xo

  3. Hello! i have nominated you for a liebster award on my blog post! i love your blog and am super excited to hear your answers if you get round to it! :)


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