Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Favourites #30

Hooray, it's Friday! 

It feels like it's been a long ol' week. I just have to get through work today, then I'm off out for a friend's birthday meal and my fella is arriving home, after a week away with his job. Lots of good things! 

My favourites this week are a mixture of my favourite moments, with a few wants sprinkled on top. I've managed to keep away from spending lately, but this past week or two I have been possessed with the shopping monster - everywhere I look there are pretty things tempting me, aaargh! "I must, I must, control my lust!" That's my new mantra, haha.

First up, this lip balm. Oh my gosh - I can't even convey the sheer delight this has brought me. It smells and tastes just like peanut butter cups and is so scrumptious that it's all I can do not to eat it. On top of that, it's actually a really good, moisturising balm. I usually find gimmicky products to be drying, sticky and generally a bit rubbish, but not so with this one! Major score all round. I keep sniffing it, like some sort of cocaine junkie.

I just couldn't resist this My Little Pony playsuit - it was on sale for £5 and is the most darling thing.

The first night Hannes was away, I really couldn't be bothered to cook for myself. I had little food in the house and it had been raining all day and I just wasn't feeling it. What I was feeling, however, was a vege garlic mayo burger and fries from the best takeout ever. Schwartz Bros is an independent burger joint in Bath and everyone here knows they are the only place to go. If you're ever in Bath, you need to get a burger here. Seriously, they are the best!

It seems that whenever the boy is away, Rosie and Poppet get their naughty heads on and are little rascals. Poppet especially has been a proper little terror this week. But look at that face! I can't be mad at such cuteness.

I just love this picture from my most recent outfit post. I look less than graceful, but who cares - I had fun! And it's always good to remember not to take ourselves too seriously. Also, uh, I'm totally in love with this cat jumper and want to wear it always.

Onto the wants...

I actually said "Oh my GOD!" out loud when I saw this. Where The Wild Things Are has been my favourite book since I was a little kid, when my mum bought it for me. This globe is absolutely stunning and I'm crushing on it, hard. At nearly £300, it's sadly way out of my price range. Excuse me whilst I check in to Heartbreak Hotel.

Globe - WendyGold on Etsy

For someone who rarely gets to go away anywhere, I have an odd obsession with luggage. I just bloody love it and always have. Vintage luggage especially, of which I have a lovely collection. I am currently loving this flamingo travel bag, which comes on trolley wheels like a suitcase, for easy transportation.

Bag - New Look

And finally, this peachy geometric rug is gorgeous and would go so well with the mint green chevron rug I already have. That's enough justification, right? I'm hoping it ends up in the sale so I can afford it!

Rug - Urban Outfitters

Hope you've all had a splendid week and have an equally awesome weekend! Any exciting plans afoot?


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  1. I have a lip balm that smells like raspberries and glorious goodness! It's my favourite thing at the moment :)

    1. Yummm! I love it when lip balms smell amazing - it makes using them even better.


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