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Review: Dirty Looks Hair Extensions

As you may be aware, I lost all my hair through chemotherapy and growing it out from being totally bald has been a long, loooong, arduous and distressing task. Two years of having awkward, 'growing out' hair has sucked big time and I couldn't wait for the day that it was finally long enough to use clip-in hair extensions.

I've never used them before and didn't have the first clue about what kind I'd need, colour matching, length - it was all a bit overwhelming. I happened to mention it to a blog friend on Twitter, who uses clip-ins a lot, and a company called Dirty Looks saw my tweet. They got in touch to say they'd read about my cancer story on my blog and would like to send me some extensions to try out. How lovely is that?!

I was so excited that I'd finally be able to have long hair again. The lady I spoke to at Dirty Looks - Katie - was super helpful and guided me through the different lengths and which extensions would be best for my hair. As it is still quite short and delicate, I went for the shortest length of 12-14 inches, so they would blend in better with my own hair and not be too heavy. As I knew I'd be dying them blue, I opted for the lightest shade of blonde - 90s blonde. I chose the HK Full Head Hair Extensions (which are currently on sale, by the way).

The extensions arrived quickly and come packaged in a sturdy flat box, which can be reused to store them when not in use. The packaging is sleek and clean with a luxe feel.

The extensions themselves come in a ziplock bag, which is separated into two compartments: the large compartment contains the bulk of the hair wefts, whilst the small compartment contains a small weft, for colour matching. It is vital that you only open the small compartment to check colour compatibility against your own hair. Once the seal is broken on the large compartment, you void your right to return them. 

Initially I was a little concerned that the blonde wasn't going to be light enough to dye a suitable shade of blue, but I needn't have worried - the dye took so well and matches my hair perfectly. If you're after platinum blonde extensions, these would definitely be too golden in tone, but they have a variety of other shades to choose from. 

With the full head kit, you get A LOT of hair. I was really surprised by just how many wefts there were. The set comprises of:

1 clip x 2pc

2 clips x 5pc 

3 clips x 2pc 

4 clip quad weft x1pc

10 pieces (total)

They are made from real Remy human hair and are really soft. They are nice and thick at the top, then taper off gently towards the bottom, for a natural look. 

You can see here just how much hair you get in the full head set - and this picture isn't even including the quad weft.

After dying the extensions, came the task of fitting them into my own hair. Having never done this before, I was a bit concerned that they were going to look awful and fake. I started off by clipping my hair up in this awesome style.

The extensions come with a great guide to attaching them, which is also available in the product description on the website (along with care and washing instructions). 
Starting at the back, I separated my hair into sections, horizontally. I backcombed the roots for extra grip and started clipping the wefts in. I have quite fine hair and so found that I didn't need to use all the wefts - I don't have enough hair to cover all the clips! I left out the quad weft and one of the 3 clip pieces and still ended up with a good head of hair.

The clips are quite easy to put in and feel secure, but I definitely need more practice with positioning the pieces to get the best 'fall'. 

It was so bizarre to suddenly look exactly as I used to! 

I flounced around taking some outfit pictures with them in and tried out pigtails too.

I've yet to try curling them, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go - as they're human hair you can style them any way you would your own hair.

I'm really pleased with them and with the quality and quantity of the hair. I am also impressed with Dirty Looks' customer service - Katie was quick to reply to my emails and happy to help with any questions I had. The team obviously know their products well and are full of advice if you're not sure what you should be ordering. 

So, that's how I went from a chin length bob, to flowing tresses! I would definitely buy more Dirty Looks extensions in the future and would recommend them if you're looking to try good quality clip-ins.

What do you think? Do you wear clip-in hair extensions? Please feel free to leave any tips or advice for me in the comments!


I was kindly gifted these extensions by Dirty Looks for review purposes, but all reviews are my honest opinion. I only give positive reviews for something I'd be happy to buy with my own money!

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    1. Thanks, lovely! They are going to take some getting used to, but it's nice to have the option of long hair! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love the blue, but will no doubt be switching it for something else soon! x

  3. They blend in well! I've never tried extensions, I'm actually on the look out for a wig, of normal hair colour, just in case haha. I think they will look really lovely when all curled.

    1. Wigs are so fun! They were a life saver when I was bald. I find them too hot to wear now that I have hair, but they really are great for changing your look!

  4. These look so lovely! What a great experience with your first extensions c:

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  6. You look amazing with the blue color hair extensions.

  7. Thanks for posting this! i was interested in buying these extensions, but wasn't absolutely sure until i read your review! :)


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