Sunday, 24 August 2014

What I Wore // LAYERS!

Layers! Yippee! I was pretty psyched that the weather has been chilly enough to warrant wearing a coat, for the first time this season.

A brisk wind and showers brought my trusty leopard print (what else) trench out of hibernation. 

I layered up my favourite ribbon necktie anchor print blouse, with a lemon yellow cardigan. 

The light was so dark and grey that my pictures turned out super grainy. Good light is one of the few things I'll miss about summer. I'm so excited for autumn! Cosy jumpers, chunky boots and woolly hats are a few of my favourite things.

Are you looking forward to the coming seasons, or are you desperately clinging to summer?


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  1. No way! I do not hold on to summer at all. I don't miss the humidity and I welcome EVERYTHING FALL. I love the leaves, and the crispness to the air, and the coats, and pumpkin scented/flavored everything, Halloween, and my birthday ;) Also I have been searching for a great cheetah print jacket for the better part of years. I have one but when Im my usual weight it looks a bit too boxy and big and then when Im the 10 pounds heavier I am now it makes me feel too snug. So my search continues.

    1. Aaahh, me too!
      Also, I know what you mean about weight fluctuations. I'm quite a bit heavier than I'm comfortable with at the moment, so all my clothes feel kinda tight and weird. I need to get back to running!
      Hope you find the perfect coat soon! xo

  2. I'm excited for autumn too! I love a few layers, shame I lost my coat on the bus the other day :( I do love this coat on you!

    1. Oh no! I hope your coat turns up, or that you find a great replacement for it!
      Thank you - I get so excited when it's time to bring out my coats! :D

  3. I'm sooo excited for autumn! I love wearing thick tights and my big boots. You look fab in this outfit :) Lisa x (@cthulhuwakes)

    1. YES - I live in boots! Usually all year round, but this summer I've actually ventured into more suitable footwear for the hot weather. I can't wait to get my tootsies back into my trusty chunky boots! xo


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