Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A pirate's life for me.

Ahoy, me hearties! 

What better way to spend a gloriously sunny, late summer's day, than sailing down a river on a pirate ship.

This past Sunday, that's exactly what I did. The occasion was Hannes' mum's birthday and she really pulled out all the stops for her party! Heike is a steampunk and lover of all things old, quirky, and eccentric (a lady after my own heart!), so it was no surprise that to celebrate her birthday we were all instructed to dress as pirates and meet at the harbour, for an undisclosed surprise adventure.

What an adventure it was! Our vessel was The Matthew - an exact replica of the historic ship of the same name, in which John Cabot sailed across the Atlantic in 1497 and discovered North America.

Everybody looked fantastic in their costumes and we drew a lot of attention! There was much posing, fist shaking and yells of "YAAARRRR!" Goodness knows how many strangers now have photos of us. 

We also had a folk duo on board, who accompanied our sea faring fun with singalong shanties and lively folk music. The whole thing was utterly brilliant!

Avast! Here are some photos of our motley crew of scoundrels...

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Check out the treasure chest birthday cake! Amazing! Hannes' step-sister, Bethan, made it - so clever!

The pirate in the third from last picture, is called Colin and he has the most incredible hair I've ever seen. I am so jealous of it! Waist length, pure white hair - it's amazing. Whenever I see him at Heike's gatherings I have to try really hard not to stare at it too much. Sigh.

Hannes' mum looked fabulous as always - she makes and customises a lot of things for her steampunk attire, so always has fantastic outfits. Her hat was great - a three point pirate hat with lots of black feathers and a miniature pirate ship on it.

The Matthew is an absolutely gorgeous ship and it was excellent being able to explore it and have it all to ourselves. Usually moored at Princes Warf, in Bristol Harbour, The Matthew is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm and is free to look around (but donations most welcome). Private hire and various trips are available around the harbour, or further afield, for which booking is essential. Find out more at

Such an excellent party! I was sad to become a land lubber once more. I love dressing up and now want to dress as a pirate every day.

Have you been to any good costume parties?


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  1. O my goodness! This is the most incredible party, how horribly jealous am I. Everyone looks absolutely perfect too! xx

    1. It was fantastic! Such a fun and memorable day out :) xx

  2. Wow this sounds like sooo much! It looks like it was a lot of fun too! Everyone looks great in their costumes :)


    1. It was! Everyone in costume just really made it even better!

  3. Isn't the Matthew the boat that was used on Muppets Treasure Island? I only know this cos my friend lives in Bristol and she points it out every time we drive past :D

    1. I think your friend is sadly mistaken - I can't find anything that says it was The Matthew in the film! They apparently used a miniature model ship and shots of a garbage ship sailing in the Caribbean!

  4. This is an awesome idea! Great photos :)

  5. Oh my god that is the coolest party ever. I love themed things, themed everything and anything. I would have loved to attend that party. Its also so awesome that everyone really got in the spirit and dressed up!

    1. The costumes really did add to it - it wouldn't have been as good if no-one had bothered! It gave the whole day a really fun feel :)


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