Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Walk in Fairy Wood

On Sunday I went for a walk in some local forest, called Fairy Wood. 

A lot has changed since the last time I strolled there, including the clearing of paths and lots of interactive things for kids. It was great and although I prefer my woodland wild, I can really see how the developments will help encourage children to get outdoors and become interested in nature, which is marvellous.

There is a fairy trail - where you search for secret fairy doors in the tree trunks - natural sculptures and a hidden woodland playground. Unfortunately it was so popular that there were kids on all the apparatus and I didn't get to have a go on the tyre swing, which I must confess I was a little peeved about. Ah well - next time. (As a side note, I feel that there really should be playgrounds for adults. Don't you think?)

In the dense undergrowth, amongst the decaying leaves and mulch, new life springs up in the form of toadstools and other fungi. They are curious things; so delicate and yet resilient - a lone toadstool stands at the edge of a busy path, somehow undamaged by the frenzy of passing feet. 

Beech seeds fall from the trees, in a continuous rustling crackle, like the sound of melting snow falling from brittle branches. In one secluded part of the wood, squirrels bound about on all sides; leaping from tree to tree, scurrying around the forest floor, busily and purposefully burying and rediscovering hidden snacks. I couldn't keep count, there were so many.

A carpet of rust coloured leaves covers the ground; tucking the world into bed with a warm orange blanket, ready to sleep for winter. Magic is in the air and I can almost see fairies, sprites and nymphs giggle and dance, just beyond my periphery. What tales these woods could tell, of when the people go home and nature begins to play.


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  1. This place is awesome, I love the fairy doors!

    I always get annoyed by kids when I go to zoos and farms and then I can't bottle feed a lamb cos all the kids get to go first. You tend to get frowned at if you barge through to sit on a hay bale and then grab a bottle :(

    Chloe x

    1. I know right?! Who do these kids think they are?! ;) It sucks being an adult and having to patiently wait your turn, or even worse, missing out. Grrrr! x

  2. This is so wonderful!! I so wish I lived closer and I without a doubt think they should make a adult play park, I would be there every Saturday without fail. ;) x

    1. Hehe, me too! It would be rad if you lived nearby and we could take over the playgrounds ;) xx

  3. Those toadstools are pretty cool! I know what you mean though, they always seem to look great despite growing in the strangest of locations sometimes.

    1. Yes! And once you start noticing them, you suddenly see them everywhere!


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