Sunday, 14 September 2014

Friday Favourite #32 (on a Sunday)

As Friday was my blog birthday, I didn't get to post my favourites from the week. So I thought I'd share them today instead, because what's better on a Sunday than snuggling down with a feeling of warm fuzzies?

There are few greater pleasures in life, than a perfectly ripe avocado. Mmm.

I looked after my guideson, Rory, on Thursday and we had such a sweet day together. We watched Despicable Me, played pirates and went to the shops for some sweeties. Watching him grow and learn is so wonderful and he is the most darling little boy.

Getting my craft on.

Taking a breather, sitting on the front step in my PJs, with a hot chocolate, watching the world go by.

To celebrate my first year of blogging, I launched my very first giveaway! Make sure you check it out and enter! I've also added a couple of extra, surprise gifts!

Super snuggles with my BFF, true love, soulmate. I love him so much.

Yesterday was Rory's third birthday, so I went to his little party. Hannes and I bought him a toy tool belt and he loved it. As he opened it, he said "WOOOW!" and my heart just about burst. He put the belt straight on and immediately got to 'fixing' everything. 

We call him Little Viking, due to his robustness and long blonde locks. He got a Thor's hammer and helmet for his birthday and looks so excellent in it.

This is the first year Rory has really understood the concept of birthdays and was really excited about everything. He loved having Happy Birthday sung to him and kept exclaiming "My birthdeee!" Gawd love him.

Treating myself to tea and biscuits in bed.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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  1. He looks so cute in his Thor helmet! 3 is such a fun age, they are just starting to learn and really understand things around them. I love your teacup :)


  2. I haven't had Nice biscuits in ages, I should take a trip to the British Store to get some! I wish I had a little balcony on my apartment so we could sit outside and drink hot choccy in the evenings. We have to settle for the window sill :)

    1. If there's ever any British stuff you want, but can't get, I'm more than happy to ship stuff over to you! :)


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