Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Favourites #30

A delicious breakfast I made for myself. I always feel better if I get several lots of vegetables into my body first thing.

Happy mail!

Oh, Soldierbean. Such a funny pickle!

I love discovering lost treasures! I've been hunting for my old Brownie badges for ages and they finally turned up whilst looking for something else. Hooray!

I still can't get over my luck at finding this chest of drawers at the flea market. I smile at it every time I go into my bedroom.

More chuckles from this fluffy nugget. He just loves to know what's going on and get in on the action.

I've been getting my craft on and made these two sets of cardigan clips/double brooches. I'm just a little bit in love with them! It feels so good to be getting creative again and hopefully my long awaited Etsy store will be opening soon.

One of my favourite Instagram accounts is NASA Goddard. If you're into space and astronomy, the photos will blow your mind. You can find me on Instagram as TinyGreyCat.

I don't have photos for two other favourite moments this week: 

  • My hair has had a growth spurt and is almost touching my shoulders. I'm now torn between continuing to grow it and cutting it back into a chin length bob. I'd forgotten what it's like to have these choices!
  • I had a follow up hospital appointment from my chronic/post cancer fatigue programme and a fellow patient said that I looked "a lot brighter and more alive" than the last time she saw me. It really struck home and made me feel good, as that's what I've been doing - pushing myself to live. I've been so scared for so long and it was easy to hide away and try to 'be prepared' in case the cancer came back. But that's no way to live. My life was passing me by whilst I shut myself away in fear. The past few months I've been doing my best to rediscover my passions and bring something positive into every day. Through doing that I have become happier and definitely feel more alive. It was lovely to hear from another person that it is showing on the outside too.
What have been your favourite moments this week? 


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  1. OMG those Brownie badges are amazing! They look so different to how I remember them. I have a feeling my Mum will have chucked out all my old badges, I'd love to have a look at them, and my old uniform!

    1. I loved my uniform - I was of the 'old' uniform era - the shirt dress, yellow necktie and bobble hat. I especially loved the little purse attached to the belt :) x

  2. Those collar clips are gorgeous! Lisa x

  3. Yes to a good breakfast, I've been in need of one for a fee days now. I need to go out and get one :) I love those little kitty collar clips too!

    I'm glad things are going good for you. It's nice when others can see the improvements we are trying to make on ourselves.

    1. I struggle to eat breakfast most days, but at least once a week I get a crazy urge for a huge, 'proper' breakfast!
      Thanks so much - it's really nice to feel like I'm getting my life slowly back to together :)


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