Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Favourites #33

Yay, it's Friday! Which means I'm at work, booo, but I'm looking forward to the weekend and spending some time with the boy. It's his birthday on Monday, so we have a three day weekend to celebrate.

How has your week been? 

Here are some of the highlights from mine...

A beautiful sunrise, seen from my landing window. I have a great view and love where I live. I think enjoying where you live makes such a big difference to your overall quality of life. I've been pretty miserable in some of my past abodes, so I really appreciate how nice this one is.

A cup of sweet coffee and sitting at my desk, ready to start a new craft project. I'm taking part in an Instagram craft swap, kinda like Secret Santa, and I'm excited to see what I receive! I'm even more excited to send my handmade item to its recipient - I really hope she likes it!

Of course, Soldier wanted to supervise and help out, as usual! Love his heart.

I have no real clue what I'm doing when it comes to gardening, but I'd vaguely heard somewhere that you should cut roses right back, so a few months ago, I did just that. It worked, because I've had so many flowers this year! I've been snipping off the dead heads after each rose has lost its petals and they seem to just keep on coming! Still blooming! I love that I have roses growing around the front door, like a storybook cottage.

This is my new friend, Bertie! He's a Norwich terrier who I'm going to be taking for walks sometimes and looking after on Thursdays. He's such a cutie and snuffles and grunts like a little piglet. Soldier has never properly met a dog before and he's been SO brave with Bertie - curious more than anything. I'm so proud of him and have hopes that we'll get to the point where he's not bothered by him at all. He definitely lives up to his title of Best Cat Ever.

My hair has had a little growth spurt, which makes me happy. Although, typically, it now really needs a good trim, so it'll be back to a shorter bob soon. I'm determined to keep this hard-earned hair healthy, so I don't mind getting it snipped too much. My treat to myself this payday will be to have it cut and my roots bleached, as they're getting a little unbearable.

I hate, hate, hate losing things, so I was really sad when this tiny Beatrix Potter tin went missing, about three ago. I've had it since I was a child and I just suddenly couldn't find it anywhere. I hunted high and low and I've even moved house since I lost it. I was hunting for something else earlier this week and, miraculously, I discovered it! Amazing! So pleased to have it back.

Maaan, I have always loved a good thunder and lightning storm. Where I live is pretty exposed, so not only is the thunder insanely loud and close, the lightning is always an incredible show. Last night there was an epic storm and as usual, I gazed in complete awe. Check out this huge lightning bolt Hannes captured (screenshot from a video - neither of us were quick enough to capture a photo!) Taken from the same window as the sunrise picture above. So rad.

Finally, one more of Bertie, because who can resist that scruffy face!

Well, I hope you have a lovely weekend. Feel free to share your favourite moment from the week, in the comments below!


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  1. Bertie is a cutie! I love watching the sun rise or set... it's so beautiful. Thunder/lightning storms are so scary but I can't help but stare at them sometimes... they are amazing to watch. I'm never fast enough to take a photo of lightning either, I need to record and take a screenshot like you did! :) Happy Friday!


    1. Bertie is lovely! He's getting to be a bit of an old man now, so he huffs and puffs a lot, but is supercute.
      Some of the thunder was so loud and scary, but it's just amazing! x

  2. I made some poor attempts to capture the lighting last night whilst we waited for the train... should have just made a video haha

    1. Yeah, after several attempts at photos, resulting in black screen every time, no matter how quick I tried to be, video was the only way! ;)


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