Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Favourites #34

What a week, what a week! 

Sheesh, I don't know where to begin, so I think I'll just dive straight in...

Cute little cactus friends, to keep me company at my workspace.

Fresh, clean bedsheets. Even better when they're matchy-matchy with my wall décor.

Tummy snuggles with my beautiful boy. He's starting to grow his cold weather fluff! Come winter, he'll have a full mane. My little lion man.

Another seriously gorgeous sunrise. Daaang.

These two. They kill me with their cuteness. Wherever Soldier goes, Troubadour is right behind him. Now that we're heading towards winter, I'm really worried about him being outdoors all the time, so I'm going to speak to Cats Protection and see what they advise. At the very least, I'd like them to trap, neuter and re-release him, so that he can't father lord-knows-how-many kittens. I'm also going to set up a little kitty cabin for him outside my house, so he has somewhere dry and cosy to shelter in bad weather.

Taking a flask of hot chocolate on outings is always a good idea. Mmmm.

Lots of lovely sights along the canal, including this sweet pup. I also just really like this picture!

Fun times with fluffy little trouble makers.

Hanging out with my guideson, Rory Jack, is always the best. We watched Despicable Me for the umpteenth time (he immediately looks for it when he arrives, saying "Buh-boy!" like one of the minions), ate pretzels, hid from and chased each other around, and cuddled on the sofa.

Randomly popping into a charity shop and finding THE BEST SWEATER EVER.

I took part in an Instagram craft swap and received my parcel this week - so exciting! I love everything in it, especially that supercute woof in his kennel!

I also finished up my craft gift and got it ready to send off to its recipient. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to show it to you. I couldn't risk posting a photo of it just yet, as I don't want to chance Rebecca seeing it here before receiving it. I hope she likes it!

I've had two lovely blog-related incidents this week: firstly at a hospital appointment, my nurse said another patient had been telling her about a blog they'd been reading, when she suddenly realised it was mine. How funny! And kinda awesome! The second was receiving an email from a lady in LA who is eight months out of breast cancer treatment, who told me that my posts on life after cancer have helped her enormously, to realise that she's not alone in how she feels. This meant SO much to me and had me in tears. I always wonder whether sharing such posts is a good idea - I know it is difficult to read, but trust me, it is way harder for me to write and post them. I do it for exactly that reason: if it reaches and helps just one person, then it's more than worth it. Sending so much love to you, Stacey - you can do this, girl! xx

Finally, some incredibly exciting news...after not being able to visit them for three years, due to my illness, treatment and recovery, I am finally going to visit my best friends in America! Squeeeee! I am SO excited! I booked my flight last night and will be going in November, for just over two weeks. I'm already making lists of places to go and things to buy when I'm there! Aaaaahhhh. Here's a snap from the last time I visited, in 2011. That's me on the left, in my trusty skull print coat - hardly recognisable, huh?

Something else exciting is happening today, but I think that's all I can cope with in one blog post! I shall save the other news for another day, when I know more and have a proper outcome.

Hope you've had a fabulous week! What has been your best bit?


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  1. What a great week! I am loving the new bedding, it's a perfect pattern!
    The trip sounds really exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it :)

    1. My love of deer knows no bounds!
      I'm excited for my trip, but also pretty scared. Once I'm there it'll be great though :)

  2. A brilliant week! I'm so happy that you're able to go to America and see your friends! I can't wait to read about it. x

    1. Eeeee, me too! I'm not looking forward to the flights, but once I'm there it'll be amazing :D x


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