Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kennet and Avon Canal - Dundas to Avoncliff

I am so lucky to live in a beautiful place, with lots of easily accessible green spaces; parks, woodlands, gardens and the canal. This past weekend was so warm and sunny that I took advantage of it and went for a four mile walk along the Kennet and Avon canal.

Dundas aquaduct to Avoncliff is a nice stretch, ending at a pub - so if you are in need of a rest and refuel, one can always stop in for a drink or something to eat, before heading back.

Sunday bathed everything in a golden glow; wrapped us up in a warm embrace. It's not quite autumn, but it's close: I can almost taste it in the air, as the leaves teeter on the edge of change, their rustling an excited chatter, soon to embark on their transformation to yellow, orange, red and all the glorious rusty variations in between.

Some of the canal bank is already ablaze with scarlet, crimson and carmine; a stark juxtaposition against the murky water and white clouds ambling by. I've walked this stretch many times, yet there is always so much to look at and my eyes greedily gobbled up everything that crossed their path.

Some of my favourite houses border this stretch of canal - what a place to live! And if you look closely into the trees, you will discover a hidden treehouse. I am desperate to see it up close - it looks as though someone actually lives in it.

No kingfisher sightings this time, but I did meet a bold and handsome heron. Calm as you like, he stood, stoic, on the bank, patiently awaiting his lunch to come swimming by. So preoccupied was he, that I managed to get really close to photograph him. A wonderful moment. I'm frequently amazed at such close encounters with animals - how we share this world with them and how they don't strive to be anything other than what they are. They just live; truthfully. No matter what atrocities are occurring in the world, they carry on, they keep the planet going - a calming, honest constant in a chaotic world of flux. How much we could learn from them and how much we owe to them, unseen, unnoticed.

These are the moments that make me feel part of something; that make me feel alive.

Get out there and explore!


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  1. Wow that Heron photo is awesome ... you look like you're joining him for lunch you're so close!

    1. I can't believe how close I got! It was so cool!

  2. I really enjoy a walk down the canal. It's usually quite peaceful. I love that cottage!

    1. Yes, it's so peaceful! Really nice to get away from the hustle of bustle. I want that cottage so bad!

  3. Love your description of nature just getting on with life and that Heron photo is a beaut!


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