Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Favourites #35 - Modcloth Halloween Shop

It's October, which means one thing: time to get excited about Halloween!

In my opinion, once the 1st of October rolls around, it's time to embrace all things spooky and dig out the bewitching décor - yep, most people have a box of Christmas decorations, but I also have a box of Halloween decorations.

I hadn't checked out Modcloth for a while, so was pretty excited to see they have set up a Halloween shop section. I've yet to take advantage of their international shipping, but the temptation grows ever stronger, every time I peruse the site.

Here are my current favourite picks, which, personally I would use all year round, not just for Halloween...

We all know Jenga, but this skelebones version is so much cooler!

No Funny Bones game

This layered, witchy skirt, is what my Hocus Pocus dreams are made of.

Flair and Makeup Skirt

I love big and bold decorations and these paper pinwheels would make a great statement piece, either on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling.

A Shine Art decorations

My floor would be vastly improved by the addition of this mat.

One Small Stoop floor mat

And one can never have too many cushions. Especially when they have vintage-style illustrations of bugs on them...

Let it Beetle cushion

...Or are shaped like a life-size kitty! I wonder what Soldier would make of it!

Tapestry Tabby pillow

Black? Check. Bones? Check. Collar? Check. This dress is just perfect.

Rad to the Bone dress

And finally, my love of vintage fairgrounds, sideshows and circuses combine in these super rad pegs.

Glam on Wire clothes pegs

What do you think? Are you excited for Halloween yet? 


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  1. Oooh the dress and that cushion are totally awesome!

    I do like some of things Modcloth sell, but I'm not a big fan of paying tax on the items I buy. I do like to take advantage of the sales they have though.

    1. That's why I've not ordered yet - I don't want to pay for my shopping twice! Damn customs taxes! :( Sales are a good idea though and maybe I could order some stuff to be delivered to my friends' house whilst I'm in the States...

  2. I bought a dress very similar to that on Modcloth a few years ago. Instead of skeletons, it has birdcages. Seriously the cutest dress ever. And I don't care if I'm nearly 40 and too old to be wearing it - I'm doing it! Great stuff. I LOVE Halloween!

    1. That sounds awesome! And yes, screw age - wear whatever you like!


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