Saturday, 11 October 2014

What I Wore // I've Got a Theory - it Could Be Bunnies...

...Aaaand, twenty awesome points to you, if you know where the title quote is from!

Well, looky here. I'm wearing jeans again! After my outpouring of hate for jeans in a previous outfit post, in fact it was the very next day, I found these denims in a charity shop. I don't even know what made me try them on - I was inexplicably drawn to them. 

They were on the men's rail, but I'm not entirely sure if they're actually men's jeans or not. I think so. And if so, my jean woes may be solved, or at least lessened. I don't know why I didn't think of it before - men are generally taller and bigger/longer than women and, wouldn't you know it, these bad boys fit pretty damn well! 

They're a lot looser than I usually like my jeans to be, but the fact that the waist-to-crotch length means I don't have the 'waistband' sitting half way down my ass, is a winner. They'll do, for now. For slobbing round the house when I need to be dressed, but can't be bothered to make an effort and such like. 

It was so windy when I was taking these pictures that I had to dig out a bobble hat, for the first time this season. I'm not complaining - I love woolly hats! Plus, my hair really needed a wash, so hiding it under a hat worked out well, ha. Even if I do kinda look like a garden gnome.

Uh, let's talk about this AMAZING jumper, shall we?! I found it in the same charity shop as the jeans and pretty much barged an old lady out of the way to get to it. It's pretty festive and, bunnies!! I can't get over how super snuggly and cosy it is. I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop.

I'm wearing:
Bobble hat - H&M
Bunny jumper - thrifted (originally Primark)
Men's jeans - thrifted (originally Zara)
Leopard Chucks - Converse

Hope you're having a wonderful day!


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  1. OMG It is so adorable! Best Jumper ever!

  2. Buffy "Once More With Feeling" :D Yes I own the soundtrack!

    I love this jumper, I'm pretty sure it came from Primark last year :D

    1. Yay, me too! Buffy is my all time favourite.

  3. Awesomely awesome post. Those jeans look great on you and that jumper? *dies from cute* Oh, and "I've got a theory that it's a demon, a dancing demon. No, something isn't right there.." :)

  4. I bought a hat this week with a huge bobble on, think it will be forever on my head over the next couple of months. Lovely outfit hun. xx

    1. I love bobble hats so much! Ever since I was little and my nan knitted me one with a bobble the size of my head. It also had ear flaps that tied under my chin! Best hat ever xx


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