Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Favourites #40

Howdy from the US of A!

Jeez, I've have a nightmare trying to get this blog post together. I thought I was being clever bringing my iPad to blog from, but no - I can't upload photos to Blogger from it, unless I use the app, which is awful.

Anyway, eventually I got it sorted, just about. The photos keep refusing to align properly, but it's tough - it'll just have to be wonky, because I am about ready to through this thing across the room.

*Deep breath*

Here are my favourite moments from the past week...

Soldier and Molly curled up and went to sleep right next to each other on the sofa! It was a huge step forward and I'm hopeful that a friendship will bloom.

This is the Donny Osmond doll. He has been on many adventures with me and my American ladies and, he was there to welcome me back, after a looong three year absence.

Speaking of my American ladies, it is SO good to be reunited with them! We've already cried laughing and stuffed our faces. Good times.

This is Dougie! We adopted him from a shelter when we were in Nashville a few years ago. He's getting old now, which makes me sad. He's still pretty spritely though. I love him so much, little fluffy muffin.

Hot chocolate fudge cake at Big Boy. Oh lawdy.

The pile of presents waiting for me to open when I arrived in Lexington. They are all amazing...

...Such as this miniature lawn flamingo set for my desk! My girls know me so well.

Well, the time difference is throwing me off, so I'm off to eat some cereal. At midnight. As one does. 

Have an excellent Friday!


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  1. Looks like your having a lovely time :-) Long may it continue!


  2. Mmm to that chocolate fudge cake! Sounds like you're having a great time.

    Also, I second that the blogger app sucks.

    1. That cake is SO good! It has ice cream in the middle!

      Uggh, the app is so terrible. For a platform used by so many, you'd think they'd have it bit more up together.

  3. Mmm! Cake! And those flamingos are adorable! Looks like you're already having a great time! X

    1. I'm having a lovely time! I can't wait to set up the flamingos on my desk! x


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